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Top 5 Advances In Healthcare Industry By 2020

Advances in healthcare industry

“Healthcare is the cornerstone of the socialist state. It is the crown jewel of the welfare state.”Monica Crowley

The healthcare industry is all set to experience significant changes in the next several years. Digital marketing in health care is, expected to reach 141.8 billion dollars by 2020. Many leading companies are defining themselves with digital transformation. Many factors are involved in implementing and enforcing changes in the healthcare industry. As our society evolves, healthcare also evolves efficiently.

It is very important to keep an eye on the latest advances in the Healthcare Industry, which are displayed in global events.

Here, we are going to share our insights on healthcare, spotlighting the top five major technology trends.

Trend #1

Advances in the healthcare industry with AI

You heard that right! We all know AI has gained tremendous credibility for successful marketing. Undoubtedly, this is one of the nascent healthcare technology trends. AI machines can give decision-making data and process information, the same way a human does.

healthcare industry about AI

AI technology has helped in the rapidity and accuracy of a diagnosis. It also provides decision-making data. For safe exploring chemical and biological interactions in the drug discovery process, machine-learning algorithms are used.


Food and drug administration legalized the marketing of the first medical device to use artificial intelligence to detect greater than a minor level of the eye disease diabetic retinopathy in adults who have diabetes.

Trend #2

Advances in the healthcare industry with Telemedicine

Using common technology like smartphones, video conferencing, and live chat, without having to consult in person allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat the patients.

tele medicine

For example, a patient at home can consult the doctor, which may involve them in calling a telemedicine number. The number will be provided by a primary care physician’s office.


Digital diagnostics are accessible for those who cannot get to the hospital. It is one of the main themes of digital health.

Trend #3

Advances in the healthcare industry with the Cloud

Cloud technology has become a part of our life. Cloud offers storage and accessibility with just one click of a button. About 83% of healthcare-based organizations use cloud technology. It is changing the healthcare informatics and healthcare system.

Cloud healthcare

It constitutes several advantages like:

  • Integrated and Efficient Patient Care
  • Better Management of Data


Cloud-based applications provide many benefits for medical service providers. It benefits especially the rural and underdeveloped areas. All thanks to Cloud applications, now doctors don’t have to rely on files, faxed or mailed paper charts when sharing information about patients, which allows multiple doctors to view lab results or consult notes on patients.


However, cloud technology is not the perfect solution for data accumulation, yet this technology provides patients and doctors with the availability of information that can advance patient care.

Trend #4

Advances in the healthcare industry with Hackathon

Hackathon is an event where people get together and develop trending projects in a short span of time.

Hackathons in healthcare

Hackathons are predominantly used as a model for cross-disciplinary collaboration. It is a tool to solve real-world problems like healthcare issues. The Healthcare industry usually in an evolving stage, is being revitalized with technology developments, hardware inventions, cloud systems, and wearables which are the ideas born out of hackathons. Hackathons are a powerful mechanism for global health.

Trend #5

Advances in the healthcare industry with Wearable technology

The wearable technology did face skepticism, as it hadn’t been a successful tool so far. However, the experts are expecting a boom in the coming years. The growth will be mainly in high-tech medical products such as smart patches, smart pills. In healthcare, wearable technology contributes to manufacturing activity tracking devices, pacemakers, and hearing aids.

Wearable technology

Certain tools, which ensure effective investigation such as heart rate, breathing patterns, blood pressure, and blood glucose level, can be determined. Well, wearable devices will definitely have a role in patient-centered preventive care, as they already clinically monitor heart rate and other vitals.

Other technologies and Advances in Healthcare Industry include 

Digital therapy:
This is vital for the patient’s need at-home care. A platform called Welfare combines mobile technology and artificial intelligence to provide patients with care after they have returned home from the hospital. They will be a series of the list to do and patient can track their diet and exercise.


One Medical Group: One medical group is a group created by a group of doctors.

One medical group

GoodRx: This app allows you to compare the prices of drugs available at different pharmacies.


Self-Insurance: Jiff is a health solution platform, which connects employee behavior to company benefits.


To conclude

As technology flourishes, healthcare has even more access to data and improves care. These emerging technologies like AI and Machine Learning are certainly transforming the healthcare industry. In a remarkably short period, scientists are developing new technologies to facilitate the healthcare industry.


Technology innovations are drastically helping the healthcare field at an alarming pace. We should be glad, as it is not only quick but also efficient.

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