What Is Email Appending? How Does it Work?

What is Email Appending

Businesses are growing day by day, and contact information changes with every move within the B2B industry. If you are a marketer into email marketing campaigns and cold outreach strategies, you will know why email appending is your companion and ally to execute a successful campaign.

This blog post is here to enlighten you on what is email appending and why you require it for a campaign that brings profitable results. And who knows, we might even drop in a few interesting facts that help you easily understand the true power of email appending!

Did You Know? According to marketing experts, an average of 30% increase in ROI is observed when a marketer employs email appending services.

Let’s Begin –

What is Email Appending?

Email appending is the process of adding missing email addresses to a customer database. This is typically done by matching customer data such as names, postal addresses, and phone numbers against a third-party database to obtain the corresponding email addresses.

It is common for mistakes to be made while filling a form or writing their email address on a piece of paper. Sometimes, it may also be an issue with the service provider. For you to understand what is email appending, it is important to understand why is email appending required.

Here’s some of the errors and challenges that can occur while curating an email database:

Why is B2B Email Appending Services Important?

MarketingSherpa’s research concludes that an email database decays at an annual rate of 22.5%. This means that there lies a significant chunk of data which is turning obsolete. This increases the chances of your emails being directed towards the spam folder or the junk folder, as recipients are not expecting your message.

The most accurate way of getting emails updated for a better communication channel is by employing email data append services. You can either acquire updated email addresses or use email addresses to reverse append and obtain mailing addresses and contact information required for a successful campaign.

Reasons why email append services are important for your campaign –


Email Appending Helps Reduce Marketing Costs

By employing B2B data append services, one can ensure an updated email list that helps you to reach the right prospects. Outdated data will weaken your outreach, making you allocate resources to the wrong prospects.


Email Append Services Builds Brand Reputation

Compiling with the global ANTI-SPAM law and GDPR enables you to stay relevant and steer away from potential lawsuits. The best route to leverage data regulation policies is by getting your email list appended by reputable B2B email append service providers such as DataCaptive and strengthen your brand reputation.

Email List Append Leads to Improved Customer Care
Customer care is essential to ensure they expect, look forward to, and appreciate your promotional messages. By getting an email address appended, you can be assured that your customer base welcomes your email with no restrictions or complaints.
Consumer Email Append Helps Enhance Conversion Rates
What is email appending? It is a pathway to enhancing your conversion rates and profits. When you target the right inboxes with personalized messages, you can ensure they have begun their journey towards conversion in your sales funnel. Appended email lists ensure you get high-quality data that helps you target active potential customers for business.
B2B Email Appending Services Helps Time Management
Time management is what brings revenue to businesses with profitable deals. When you possess outdated data, you waste your time and resources. By employing third-party email address append service providers such as DataCaptive, you can ensure that your list is appended quickly and that you get to close deals faster for the ROI!
Email addresses are stringently screened for hostile starting URLs
example – adult websites!
Did You Know?!
Email addresses are stringently screened for hostile starting URLs example – adult websites!

How Does Email Appending Work?

Having append an email is a work of comparison and updating. Initially, the vendor sends over the database to email append service providers. Further down, the list is integrated with the main database and compared with the recent records to find missing areas of contact information.

The following contact Data can be used to get your email list appended –

Once the missing contact information and outdated data attributes are highlighted, experts work through and collect the information required to update the list. This process includes verifying the contacts for data regulation policies such as CAN-SPAM, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more, depending on the industry.

When the information passes through various procedures, it comes to the data experts again to merge them and get an updated file ready for export. Once the file is prepared, the vendor is forwarded the appended email list for campaign and business.

That is why email append services ensure you get to comprehend how many of your customers have opted out of your email communications and if they are interested in doing business with you. The list processes and uploads only those contacts who accept your communications. With email appending, you can ensure you stay relevant, compliant, and resourceful in the long run.

This is in reference to email appending as well as address append services. Email appending in specific caters to just adding or replacing outdated email IDs with valid email addresses.

As per Radicati’s 2016 report, email will be in use by over 3 billion people!
Did You Know?!
As per Radicati’s 2016 report, email will be in use by over 3 billion people!

What Not To DO While Appending Email Addresses

What is email appending cannot be answered without answering what are the top not to do about address append services? Here are the mistakes you can avoid to have a better experience with B2B email appending services.

Ignoring Deliverability Rate

When deliverability rates are lower than expected, it is time to check, revise, and update your email list for campaigns. The consequences of lower deliverability rates can lead to the wastage of resources, time, and investment.

Overlooking the Opt-in/Out Option

By simply looking over the opt-in and opt-out options of people on your list, you can ensure that your campaign gets lower bounce rates. If you are unsure whether your email list consists of contact information of individuals who may not be interested in your products, you can always rely on DataCaptive.

We provide data that is 100% opt-in to help you stay away from the consequences of breaking the rules and regulations regarding marketing communication and privacy!

Eliminating the Cleaning Process of your Lists

It is important to ensure that you clean your email list once every three months and keep it free from typos, errors, or missing information. DataCaptive’s B2B data append services are here to ensure that you stay updated on the trends in the global market and your email list. Having a clean list is to be recognized as a safe sender of emails to recipients and email service providers.

Never Compromise with Quality

Various third-party service providers provide email appending services for lower costs and provide lower quality appending services. Choose reputable data appending service providers such as DataCaptive. Never compromise on the quality of the lists or the service you acquire to clean them. Get started with us and begin a new journey towards lower bounce rates, better response rates, and easy conversions and profits!

Get Started with B2B Email Appending Services and DataCaptive!

An up-to-date email database holds potential that is undiscovered and unfathomable. With us, you can get in on the journey in search to unlock the true potential. From what is email appending to how to get it done and why, DataCaptive is here to help you every step of the way.

If you are worried about what is email appending, how to do email appending, or considering for an error-free and budget-friendly B2B data append services, we are all ears to listen to your requirements! And not just email appends, you can also avail of our services for address appends, phone number appends, and more. Step up, invest in our services, and discover high ROI! Don’t limit yourself anymore. We understand you and the market ideally in sync. Begin now!


Appended emails are email addresses processed via the appending procedure. In this procedure, old emails are run through the database, and outdated emails are identified, replaced, and sent back to the vendor.
According to various dictionaries and researchers in marketing, appending means to attach, affix, or add something or information as a supplement.
Email appending involves matching your existing customer data (such as names, postal addresses, and phone numbers) with a third-party database to find and add the corresponding email addresses.

The benefits of email appending are:

  • It helps you get in touch with the right prospects
  • Improved customer outreach
  • Increased engagement
  • Effective lead acquisition journey
  • Cost savings
Yes, DataCaptive’s email appending services can help update outdated or incorrect email addresses in your database.

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