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10 Tried And Tested Sales Prospecting Email Templates

10 tried and tested sales prospecting email templates

What will you get out of these sales prospecting email templates?

  • Get an understanding of what sales prospecting emails are like
  • Gives access to sales prospecting email examples and templates
  • Provide your prospects with personalised experience
  • Subject lines included with the emails
  • Help you enhance your brands consistency
  • Save time and be more efficient
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Writing good sales prospecting email templates take a lot of practice and research. Marketers and salespeople make a common mistake of writing very long, self-centered content that provides no value to the recipients. This is exactly why many sales emails land up in the spam folder. According to a study, almost 91% of sales emails go unopened, despite the effort the sales representative put in sending emails to prospects.


Now that should tell you why it is important to make emails that are unique and interesting enough to grab their attention until they read the entire sales pitch. All this must be done within a couple of sentences. Sounds tough, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be!

Finding potential customers who are a great fit and have long-term value to your company is hard and this may be one of the reasons why sales prospecting is looked at as a daunting process. And since email marketing in the B2B industry is still the most effective medium for salespeople today, sales prospecting can be rewarding when done right with the best practices.


What you have to know about a sales prospecting email is that you will win half the battle once your recipient clicks to open your email and reads it. The other half boils down to providing content that is to the point and provides value to the recipient and encourages them to take an action.


Having said that, it is essential to know how to draft a sales prospecting email that attracts more leads and helps you achieve your desired outcomes. This is why we have made a list of predictable revenue email templates, that will help you have a jump start in your sales campaigns and nurture your prospects to generate a stable revenue for your business. 

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Why is Email Prospecting important for your company?

Email prospecting is said to be the core part of any sales strategy. The reasons why email prospecting is important for your company is
email marketing whitepapers
  • Predictable revenue growth for your business
  • It is more targeted as it gives you more control
  • It can be easily measured and optimized
  • You can make it personal with curated content
  • It will help you achieve a higher ROI


Email prospecting is the process of identifying, researching, and qualifying prospects for cold emails. The main goal of sales prospecting is to secure a meeting with the prospect over the phone or in-person to discuss their needs and expectations further.
According to one such study, the best time to send emails based on reply rates is 1 pm to 3 pm and 9 to 11 am. The best days to send emails based on open rates are Monday and Tuesday.
  • A reason for reaching out
  • Call to action in the right places
  • Personalized content
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