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Account-Based Selling Is The Answer For All Your Marketing Challenges

Account based selling for marketing challenges

Account-Based Selling

The introduction of Account-based Selling has seemingly changed the face of the business world. Though it existed in the past, in today’s B2B sales strategies, ABS has become an integral part.


Account-based selling came into the picture only to solve the many hurdles in the selling process that ended up delaying the overall sales cycle. Whatever ABS may be in today’s marketing scenario, it is undoubtedly regarded as a magic elixir.

For ABS to successfully plug all the holes in the sales process, you need to understand the same. Account-based selling with its hyper-personalization targets ensures that you get the most targeted marketing and sales campaigns. Therefore, it is no surprise that ABS provides accurate answers for particular marketing challenges.

ABS provides an answer to Marketering challengs

1. Knowing what content to use

The challenge:

People like to engage with the brand first and then consider making the purchase. Brand engagement generally happens through content.


To drive up the engagement rates, the brand needs to put forth relevant content. Putting out well-written content continuously may seem like a challenge to marketing/sales teams.

knowing what content to use

What can you do?


Using a reliable buyer persona, you can understand the target customers’ needs and interests. Based on that you can form personalized content for each stage of the buying process. Since ABS is entirely based on creating accurate buyers’ persona, the concept of creating personalized content is strongly advocated.


The customized content will make the end-user engage more with your brand and look forward to your next content.


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2. Knowing how to choose target accounts

The challenge:


Marketing experts may face a difficult situation trying to develop an appropriate process for identifying the right target audience. This has been a constant challenge for marketers.

How to choose target accounts

What can you do?


The criteria to select a valid account for Account-based sales include:

  • Should be a medium to a large company
  • Should have yearly revenue of more than $5 million
  • The sales process is lengthy or complex
  • It involves the participation of many decision-makers.


If your sales team is utilizing inbound leads and working on closing them, you can see which of the leads fit well with the ABS scheme.


When you have identified the potential accounts for the ABS process, make sure you deliver a personalized experience and scale up the level of your activities.


BONUS TIP: Do you want to know how Account-based Marketing benefits modern marketers? Learn More about ABM here.

3. Delivering a customized personal experience

The challenge:


Personalization is the need of the hour. However, customization in recent years has become a “one size fits all concept.” Lack of personalization tarnishes the brand image of businesses.


Companies are suffering gravely due to no customization of everything that they offer to the customers.

Personalized customer experience delivered

What can you do?


Account-Based Selling is about adding personalization to a rather generic process. For the success of Account-Based Sales, marketers need to relay proper and relevant information that can connect them with the end-users.


For Account-Based Selling to be successful, the companies need to establish a proper rapport with the audience and put out content that serves as a middle ground, while also offering compelling advice. For engaging content, it must address what precisely the audiences are looking for.

4. Having a good website experience

The challenge:


Website experience plays a massive role in determining the fate of your business. When customers are visiting your website for the first time, You should first captivate them with an appealing design. But also ensure that every aspect of the site should address answers they are looking for.


Most companies face this issue with no resolution in hand. Unconvincing website design can blow hard on a business’s marketing efforts.

Having a good website experience

What can you do?


As a person who represents the company, you should take delve deeper into the analytics to see where the target customers’ interests lie. The pages they visit the most, the pages with high bounce rates, low-performing content, and so on can provide a proper idea about the website’s performance.


Based on this information you can help modify the website that in a way that betters the overall customer experience.


Some tips you can utilize to improve website experience include:

  • Having Personalized CTA’s
  • Personalized content and visual elements
  • Testing and measuring the results of your current strategies


In an organization, there are several challenges that the marketing team faces, especially when dealing with a lot of clients. ABS seems to provide a fitting answer to these challenges that have scared the marketing experts for years.


ABS also works to increase sales, which ultimately leads to the overall growth of the organization.


Do you think we missed out on marketing challenges that Account-based Selling can provide an answer to? Comment below to let us know.


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