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Black Friday Subject Lines That Will Boost Your Open Rates

Boost your open rates with these Black friday Subject lines

With Black Friday nearly here, all businesses have now geared up for another record-breaking year. So, whether you are an old-timer or a beginner, you will need the best tips for coming up with catchy subject lines that will help you gain more customers and maximize sales.


Over the years, Black Friday has become the biggest online sales period of the year and the competitiveness among the businesses has only increased.

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According to Adobe Analytics data, consumers spent an estimated amount of $9.0 billion during the Black Friday holiday in 2020 with a 21.6% increase from the previous year.

This is why every major eCommerce platform or even small local businesses want to come up with the catchiest yet dramatic subject lines to gain the recipient’s attention in their inbox. Since email marketing is the most profitable digital marketing channel, you must take advantage of this and come up with the most unique and catchy subject line.


This tactic will help you maximize your orders and increase your open rates. But for this to work you need to come up with the subject lines that will stand out in the recipient’s inbox, which can be difficult considering the fact that every other eCommerce site and retailer in the world is also trying to gain the attention of customers.


Are you a business owner? If yes, then we will help you communicate your Black Friday deals and offers more effectively. With this post, you will be able to use any of these lines yourself or use this as an inspiration to come up with a unique subject line.

Black Friday & Sales: The Equation

Black Friday or Cyber Monday is a holiday sales event that takes place on 26th November every month and occurs after Thanksgiving Day. It is also considered to be the official start of the holiday season, wherein most brands or store offers, heavy discounts, shopping deals, or other highly promoted sales.


From 2005 onwards the same day was also celebrated for Cyber Monday, which was a holiday made to promote online shopping with online discounts and shopping deals. During this weekend there is a high increase in web traffic and most businesses take advantage of it to provide exciting offers.

Black Friday and Sales The Equation

The Black Friday holiday season sales reached an all-time high by clocking up to $6 billion in revenue in eCommerce sales in 2018. Most of the Black Friday traffic happens online as in-store shopping has significantly decreased its foot traffic to an estimated 52% because of the ongoing Covid 19 Pandemic.  In addition to that, many SMEs participate in  Small Business Saturday which is designed to help local and small businesses.


Both Thanksgiving and Black Friday are the busiest shopping days and its email sales have also continued to break records with things predicted to get even bigger in 2021. Here is another statistic for you, over 74% of Americans planned to use their wallets especially during the Black Friday holiday weekend in 2018.


The best part about promoting your business or sales during Black Friday is that it does not have to be directly related to the holiday. You can take advantage of this holiday to promote sales of whatever product or services you are offering. To bring in more sales, you need to come up with an eye-catching email subject line. Keep reading to find out subject line ideas and words.

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People are known to take a minimum of 3 seconds to decide if they want to click on Black Friday marketing emails or not. Once a recipient opens your mail, you only have 11 seconds to grab their attention.

Black Friday email words that can boost your sales

When you are a business brand or business, it can be difficult to come up with an email subject line that will capture the attention of the recipient. To ensure your brand stands out in the recipient’s inbox you have to be direct and convey the important information in a few words.

Here  are  some words you can use

Some words can be used to bring about a sense of urgency and persuade the customer to purchase within the holidays or sale period.

Here are some phrases that can be used as reminders for your target audience

Reminders for target audience

X-7 days: Give sneak peeks of your deals, discounts, or offers a week before the sale goes live in order to keep the customers excited.


Example: 7 days more for the x sale to begin! 

X-48 hours: You can set another reminder to inform your subscribers of your upcoming deals 48 hours prior to the sale. 


Example: Just 48 hours left until your  favorite  x is sold out! 

X-24 hours:  You can also remind your customers of the sale a day earlier, even allowing VIPs certain subscribers to avail of the sale or offers a day prior.


Example: 24 hours more until the surprise sale ends 

Going live: Reminding leads before going live is very important, as through this you can convert leads into customers.


Example: The mega sale will go live in X hours! Be there! 

Halfway point: These reminders will show how much in demand the particular product or service is and at the same time it will also remind them that the time is running out.


Example: Get these Black Friday deals before they’re gone!

Some examples of Black Friday Subject line used by well-known companies

Dell Black friday


Some companies use sentences like this to feel selected for an exclusive first look or deals.


You were chosen for our early Black Friday flyer! 


This kind of sentence creates excitement and draws the attention of the recipient as soon as they open their inbox.


Stop Everything! Black Friday Starts Now!

Black friday MVMT
Bruno Magli Black Friday


This subject line is very clear, concise, and direct as it informs its subscribers that they have early VIP access.


Black Friday: VIP Early Access


This is a perfect example for the subject line that can create a sense of urgency and persuade the recipient to purchase the product soon. It also takes reference from popular dialogues like “Winter is Coming” from shows like Game of Thrones.


Be Ready, The Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) Sale Is Coming…

Diesel Black Friday
Bed Bath Beyond Black Friday


You can use emojis in between to make it more eye-catching. Adding words with emojis and punctions in between will draw attention.


3 Words: Black. Friday. Deals. More Coupons Attached!

Black Friday subject line that will bring about the sense of urgency

  • Time is running out! Black Friday Early Access!
  • Set your alarm now for our Black Friday Sale!
  • These Black Friday sale bargains might not last until Friday. Hurry!
  • Black Friday Mystery Sale ends in 24 hours! Hurry Avail the offers.

Black Friday subject lines that will give recipients sneak peeks

  • Psst… the Black Friday Sale is a Secret
  • Take a Sneak Peek at our Black Friday Deals
  • Be The First to Shop for our exclusive Black Friday deals
  • Your Early Access Code to our Black Friday Sale
  • Take a look at our latest Black Friday collection

Black Friday subject line for free shipping 

  • We’re Starting Black Friday by offering
  • 25% Off and Free Shipping? It Must Be Black Friday
  • Nation Wide Free Shipping!!
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday with Free Shipping.
  • Free Shipping for this Weekend Only!

Last-minute Black Friday subject lines

  • 24 Hours Left before the sale get over. Hurry!
  • Black Friday Countdown: Six Hours left.
  • The clock is ticking on our Black Friday sale
  • Black Friday is almost over. Last Call!
  • 3 hours remaining on the biggest Black Friday sale ever!

Final thoughts

There are numerous combinations of subject lines that you can come up with for Black Friday. Now that you have figured out your subject line with the help of this article, the only thing that’s left to do is create your personalized email design and send it to your email list. Hope this article helps a unique Black Friday Subject line.


Happy Holidays!

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