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Build A Terrific Email List From The Get-Go

Build A Terrific Email List

Building an email list is the first step every marketer takes before planning marketing campaigns. And since email marketing is still the most effective marketing channel, building a contact database is vital to building a relationship with leads and your business’s growth in the long term.

With an email list, you can convert your visitors to loyal subscribers and potentially your customers. So now that you know the importance of link building, let us explain the term link building, which refers to the process of collecting email addresses from the visitors of your website.
An email database is considered to be any business’s best asset because it is cost-effective, has better reach than paid media channels, and makes you immune to the constant algorithm changes. However, building an email list from scratch can be a daunting process, but if it is well planned and organized it can be done fast and efficiently.
You can’t create a single lead capture form and expect thousands of leads to subscribe overnight. Collecting the data for your email list in the initial stages will require a lot of time, patience, and effort. But when done with the best practices, you can acquire new email contacts of qualified leads and build a base with loyal and engaged base.

A well-built email list will help you optimize your emails and increase your email marketing metrics like open rates and click-through rates. This blog will talk about the effective strategies that you can implement to build your email list from scratch.

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What is an email list?

An email list is a list that contains the email addresses and other contact information such as the name, gender, and location of the people who are the visitors or users of your website. These people are most usually the ones who have opted to receive email updates regarding your brand, its products or services, and upcoming offers or deals. The primary purpose of building an email list is to increase the number of potential leads in your sales funnel and convert them into loyal customers in the future.
The two main conditions for building an email list successfully are:
  • Bringing in organic traffic to your website
  • Add a certain sign-up form on the landing pages of your website.

The subscribers can be collected through your newsletter, blog or website, social media accounts, events, in-store sign-up sheets, or even any emails that you have gathered from person to person. Once your email list is ready, you can plan an email marketing campaign and send it to your list of subscribers.

Your company’s revenue at the end of the day depends on how extensive and healthy your email contact database is. So, you need to constantly keep cleaning your list and updating new information. This way you can remove the subscribers that are not active or relevant to your industry.

You can group your subscribers into groups and personalize emails based on their needs, expectations, pain points, motivators, etc. This will help you track your leads easily and push them down the sales funnel. All you need to do is build your list from your website pages, pop-ups, embedded sign-up forms, social media accounts, offline events, or in-store sign-up sheets.

Why is an email list important for your B2B business

Why is an email list important for your B2B business?

An email list is a list that contains the email addresses and other contact information such as the name, gender, and location of the people who are the visitors or users of your website. These people are most usually the ones who have opted to receive email updates regarding your brand, its products or services, and upcoming offers or deals.
Email is the primary communication channel for B2B businesses and their clients. An email list is important for every business because it is what helps you turn your collection of individuals into leads that have the potential to convert into customers. The people who subscribe to your forms are eager to hear from you.

They also know that you will send them marketing messages, provide them with offers or deals and welcome them. So, if you do land up sending an email that catches their attention and interests them, then they will reach out to you with their queries or for more information on your products and services. This is the gateway that helps you increase your engagement and build a relationship with your leads.

In the same way, connecting to people can be difficult on social media because people don’t usually want to be pitched something all the time. But unlike social media, email is one platform that allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime. So, you can send promotional messages to educate them on your brand or promote your products and services.
It is also easy to track performance metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, spam rates, unsubscribe rates, etc. This way you can use the information to tweak or change parts of your campaigns and improve results.
Build a high authentic email list
Building a highly authentic email list to host your achievable email campaigns is very essential as it offers a real boost for your B2B business.

Top strategies for building your email list from scratch

Implement Opt-In and Opt-Out Links

An opt-out link is a link that allows your leads to inform you that they don’t want to receive emails from you anymore. However, Opt-in links are links that are added so people can subscribe to your newsletters or promotional emails related to your brand or its products and services. Adding opt-in and opt-out links was important because it only benefits your email list.
If someone decides to opt-out, it is good because you won’t have to deal with inactive or uninterested subscribers in the future and will only make your email list healthy. Whereas opt-in links are a great way to start your journey of building an email list as it won’t land in the spam box and there is a higher chance of these leads converting into customers.
The primary purpose of adding an opt-in form is to act as a lead magnet and increase your efficiency in email marketing campaigns. Marketers nowadays underestimate the power of a standard opt-in form, but it still is one of the most effective ways to drive leads towards the sales funnel.
Remember that opt-in forms or popups usually give some value to the visitors so they can subscribe, this can either be eBooks, templates, whitepapers, or other types of content.
Capture opt out

Choose the right email marketing platforms

The first step you should take before building your email list is to choose an email marketing platform that will match your needs. Many platforms offer email marketing software for free, but we suggest you take up plans of low prices as the investment will help you manage and track your email marketing campaigns.

You can start by sending email campaigns with Gmail and Outlook but at some point, you will have to update to a platform that specializes in providing you with all the email marketing services. These platforms can help you manage and organize your growing email list, segment your lists, allow A/B testing, and send automated email campaigns.

They may also come with various features and templates to help you create engaging emails. The main reason behind choosing an email platform is to save up time while building your email list from scratch and capitalize on the potential that email marketing holds. DataCaptive has also come out with ReachEngine, an email marketing platform that is so much more than just a way to send and track emails.

Add unique CTAs for all your landing pages

You may never know which landing page your visitors land upon, so it is good to have a Call to Action on every other landing page. Providing them CTAs on certain pages will help them direct towards other web pages or content in general. If you have great resources for your target audience, it is only right to leverage growing your list.
Here is an example that helps you understand this better, suppose you have created a guide on data-driven marketing and have substantial traffic. In that case, you can add a CTA saying that “Find out the top five data-driven strategies to increase your sales and revenue!”. As long as you provide value and are beneficial to the target audience, your prospects will appreciate it and subscribe to your newsletter.
You can also personalize the CTAs depending on the landing page and the visitors it receives. The personalized CTAs will only work if you already have valuable resources such as an e-book, a fun quiz, case studies, or an exclusive article. You have to also remember that the content you offer must be relevant to what your prospects are looking for and not some forced advertisement.
Call to actions

Invite people to sign up for notifications

Making people sign up for notifications is a mailing list growth strategy that works well. You can feature different landing pages depending on the type of notification. These notifications include embedded links to landing pages of products and services and are usually placed on sliders of page headers.
Different types of notifications that you can send are

Pre-sale notification

Both welcome and exit intent pop-ups are perfectly timed pop-ups and capture the audience’s attention when they visit your landing page or when they are going to leave the page. Welcome pop-ups are usually added within the first 15 seconds of them visiting any of your website’s pages.

New product or service notification

This type of notification talks about the latest products and services being launched. Sometimes some products can go out of stock very fast which is why this notification gives everyone an equal chance to purchase the product or services.

Back in stock notifications

As the name suggests, these notifications will give you all the necessary information on whichever product or services are back in stock. It also shows the customer what products and services are more in demand.
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Welcome and exit intent pop-ups

Both welcome and exit intent pop-ups are perfectly timed pop-ups and capture the audience’s attention when they visit your landing page or when they are going to leave the page. Welcome pop-ups are usually added within the first 15 seconds of them visiting any of your website’s pages.

An exit pop-up appears when the visitor’s cursor moves to close the page, this helps in creating consistency in our messaging. An exit pop-up acts as the last-ditch effort to get your visitor to interact with your site and collect their email addresses. It includes an eye-catching headline, a CTA along with valuable resources and helps you visit the pages that promote your products or services.

Both an exit and a welcome pop-up should include discounts, a sales notification, talk about your USPs or provide them a resource in exchange for the visitor’s email address. Make sure that the form is not complicated, doesn’t have multiple fields, is easy to fill, and does not take too much time. If you nail this, you will be able to successfully turn a disinterested visitor into a potential customer.

Set up referral programs for sign-ups

Nothing can be faster and more impactful than growing your email list and making your customers refer your products and services to others. People tend to trust the brand that is recommended to them by their friends or family. It is essential to establish a referral program for your new subscription. You can also create a personalized experience in the referral programs based on your target audience.

You have to also give them some value such as offers, gifts, tickets to events, deals, redeemable points, rewards, or coupons for referring your product links to their friends. This not only helps you build a loyal but also a strong subscriber base that will be easily converted into a customer. Some tools specialize in creating referral programs for your subscribers.

Referral Programs

Include Gamification

Gamification is a process of adding interactive elements such as game playing or quiz playing to increase engagement with your lead capture forms. The lead capture forms can include quizzes, tests, surveys, pop-ups, spin-to-win, also known as the wheel of fortune, and scratch cards. These gamified forms or pop-ups include exclusive or limited period offers and may also include freebies that the leads claim once they purchase a certain product or service.

Sometimes discounts and sales are not enough to attract attention, so unique methods such as spinning the wheel or quizzes with bright bold colors and designs can help you catch their attention. The box tactics like this are fun for visitors and effective for marketers. You must know that leads are always motivated by prizes or discounts that are easily attainable, which encourages them to subscribe for more information. This is one of the easiest ways to enlist more subscribers into your database.


Leverage your social media accounts

Social media is another great way to propel the process of list building. You can leverage social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc to boost your overall lead generation. You can encourage your social media followers by adding Call To Actions (CTA), sign-up forms, embedded links, etc.

Another way is to run marketing campaigns with exclusive discounts, coupons, and offers, while you can also set up contests and giveaways to maximize the reach. Social media sites are known to have a wider reach and increased visibility so even if you are a small business, you can implement this.

Some ways you can leverage your social media accounts are

Include compelling sign-up CTAs in the bios of your social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
Pin a tweet that has content with an embedded link or CTAs for visitors to join the email list.
Add CTAs to your Instagram and Facebook, as both platforms are good for a high level of engagement. You can add the CTA for the sign-up form in the caption of your post.
Set up an email sign-up tab on Facebook, this platform also allows you to have a CTA button.
Post promotional content with embedded links in Facebook and LinkedIn groups. But make sure not to add any spammy content as it should provide value.
Add CTAs to a group board on Pinterest and then pin it or you can also pin it on your interest board.

Organize giveaways

Customers love giveaways and so do the new subscribers. It is an attractive and successful method of generating leads. The key thing about giveaways is that it should include an intriguing, unique, or viral offer, it may be expensive but you can get your cost-per-clicks as low as one cent. The product you offer must also be relevant, high value, and something that your target audience would want.
You have set out a few rules and regulations to be qualified for the giveaways. This is done so you don’t send offers to a bunch of unengaged people on your email list. They have to subscribe to your newsletter to avail your giveaway and follow you on all your social media handles. This will increase the demand for your main products and services and acquire qualified leads.
Organize giveaways


Building an email contact database may take time but is critical to success in the digital age. Of course, the speed at which it grows depends on your content, your viewers, and other marketing efforts. Remember that you should try to engage with visitors on a personal level if it looks AI-generated then they may not be that interested to subscribe.
But you can use these tactics to catch your viewers when they’re almost ready to convert and grow your email list. Hopefully, you find a great place to start building your email list effectively and reach your target audience.
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