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Connect With Hard-To-Reach Technology Users With Content Marketing

Reach technology users with content marketing

The new software comes up every year and technology users around the world are on the rise. It’s the way of the modern world of technology where everything keeps on altering at a rapid level with one aim, to bring out better results.


Technological manufacturers will be introducing new kinds of software for problems that nobody could solve & constantly adding more features to upgrade the existing ones. Technology users of corporates will continuously request for pretty much anything they want as long as there is even a slight chance that it might make them more effective at their jobs.

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But, without modern technology, we would have been stuck in a backdated era and hence it has become a necessary part of our lifestyle. The scene gets complicated when tech marketers try to connect with technology users for the sales and promotion of their products & services.


Marketers from various industrial sectors like telecommunications & IT, retail, defense, aerospace, energy, government, education, engineering, finance, healthcare, construction, logistics, and manufacturing are seeking out technology users that too on whether they use, Oracle, IBM, Webex, Unix, Netsuite, Eloqua, Citix, Avaya, JD Edwards, Sage, Symantec, Nortel, Microsoft SQL and much more. The crowd is too much.

So the only way is to get creative. Content marketing is that part of marketing that constitutes the practice of publishing original content across various channels including social media, blog posts & marketing emails to increase sales or other conversions.


Content marketing is one of the best ways for marketers to reach technology users in today’s world. When done correctly, content marketing can be an excellent lead generation tool for businesses that are trying to reach technology users.

Content marketing

Let’s break down the benefits of using content marketing to reach technology users.

How content marketing works for SEO?

The current combination of Google updates & more competition has meant big changes for how content marketing can be used to reach technology users. Let’s take the example of a blog, which majority brands use as a part of their content marketing strategy. Pick a topic, for example latest development in Absolute ERP Technology and put the necessary keywords. It’ll help you out in SEO when Absolute ERP technology users search regarding the necessary topic. 


Also, you need to carefully identify the SERP (search engine results page) that you want to target & find ways to outdo what’s currently available to reach out to technology users. Every post that you do online should be able to punch it’s weight in the SERP you’re dropping it into. You should make sure to publish from blog posts to social media updates, videos, eBooks, webinars and more, you need to get found online by technology users using the search engines and social media channels. Additionally, content marketing can be used to project as a thought leader to build trust among potential technology users.

How content marketing builds trust?

Trust is an important part of any kind of business relationships which includes the one with technology users. It is required to get your audience to have positive reactions with your brand, so they’ll come to find you when they need what you sell. Content marketing is a great way to introduce yourself to technology users who haven’t heard about you or aren’t aware of what makes you different. Content marketing gives an opportunity to buy trust, not with money but in exchange for something of value.


By using blogs, social media channels & email campaigns you can talk about values, topics & themes to find people who actually care about them. Investing time & effort to craft useful and helpful content is necessary to build relationships that turn to sales. The content you want the technology users to reach should be your marketing message. Blog posts, surveys, videos & all are mediums. But if the right medium is not identified, even the best content will go waste.

How content marketing generates leads?

“88 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing to generate leads” – eMarketer

The ultimate aim of all forms of inbound marketing is to generate leads and content marketing is no different. It would have been damn awesome if technology users click right on the buy button by being impressed with beautiful descriptive prose & a wonderful user-friendly layout. But it doesn’t work that way.


The best way to use content marketing is to apply the value exchange principle for softer conversions. Softer conversions which include whitepaper downloads & email sign-ups aren’t ready to cash material but solid leads for your sales team to follow up. Marketing automation can also be applied to simplify the process of identifying website visitors & dropping them into relevant drip campaigns.

So, how to pull in technology users?


Content marketers should identify what kind of content that will interest technology users. Technology users are extremely busy & will probably like content that can make their life easier. Your content marketing strategy should include:

  • Industry news, product updates and announcements, research opportunities.
  • Programs regarding technological education program information.
  • Information regarding updates in software industry.

Make sure that your social media, blog, and technology users’ email marketing content shouldn’t be strictly promotional. It should also provide value based on key needs and interests of technology users, ultimately driving them to channels where they can enter the sales funnel.


Identifying the right channel for distributing the content is crucial. In the case of technology users, it’ll be better to use LinkedIn as a social media channel. Segmented marketing email lists of technology users can also be taken advantage of by marketers to drive content through targeted emails.

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Closing the curtain

Content marketing has its base in authenticity & deep understanding of target audience, whether its technology users or any other. Every piece of content that is published, regardless of the channel, should be able to provide immediate value to technology users & be relevant to their needs and interests. Content marketers should regularly document & review their strategy, use tools to manage content performance, stay informed of the technology industry and keep up with trends & innovation every day.



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