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How to Find Ecommerce Business Owners Contacts?

Effective ways to find e-commerce business owners contacts

Digital commerce or e-commerce is constantly evolving. Understanding where to find the contact information of e-commerce business owners can open a myriad of opportunities for marketers.

Whether you’re a supplier, service provider, investor, or even a new entrepreneur seeking to network — this comprehensive guide will help you to effectively connect with e-commerce business owners in no time.

Let’s begin!

Who are Ecommerce Business Owners?


Ecommerce business owners are entrepreneurs who operate online stores or platforms, selling goods and services directly to consumers, businesses, or both.


These entrepreneurs can range from small, one-person operations that sell niche products/services to large companies with a vast array of offerings.


These individuals and businesses are at the forefront of digital innovation, and leverage online platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, to reach their audience.

How to Find Ecommerce Business Owners Contacts?

Exploring E-commerce industry

Finding contact details of ecommerce business owners is crucial for marketing, networking, sales, as well as partnerships. Reaching out to e-commerce business owners can open a direct line to decision makers and influencers with purchasing power.

However, due to privacy issues and the competitive nature of e-commerce, procuring reliable, accurate and up-to-date contact information can be challenging. It’s crucial to utilize ethical methods for ensuring that your outreach is not just effective but also adheres to laws and regulations.

Where to Find Contacts of Ecommerce Business Owners

Finding the contacts of e-commerce business owners can prove to be a task. Don’t worry. We have 5 strategic platforms where you can find reliable contact information of ecommerce business owners to expand your business. They are as follows:

  1. Social Media Platforms
  2. B2B Data Services
  3. E-Commerce Events, Conferences and Trade Shows
  4. Online Directories
  5. Trade Associations

Let’s discuss these platforms in detail:

1. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and X are full of groups or communities centered around ecommerce — giving you direct access to business owners.

Start by researching on the social media platforms that are commonly used by ecommerce professionals. Next, search for and join groups or communities related to your preferred industry, which consist of active ecommerce business professionals.

Ensure you engage in conversations in these groups/communities, to follow and connect with ecommerce store owners by contributing to insights, questions and discussions.

2. B2B Data Services

Choose a reliable B2B database service provider like DataCaptive — the best data service provider for improved customer acquisition — to access accurate, verified, and targeted data of ecommerce business owners.

Data-driven marketing
approach is essential for targeted marketing success. DataCaptive regularly updates data and offers a wide range of authentic contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, mail addresses, and social media handles of ecommerce business owners across locations like the US, UK, Canada, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

DataCaptive also offers data enrichment services to enhance data from time to time.

3. Ecommerce Events, Conferences and Trade Shows

Obtain guest lists of industry conferences and trade shows to get in touch with established and upcoming ecommerce business owners and initiate conversations.

Events like Shopify Unite, Magento Imagine, Eventbrite, Meetup, and eTail are hotspots for ecommerce industry networking.

Get in touch with ecommerce store owners — introduce yourself and your business in an engaging manner, impress them with the benefits your products or services can offer them, and take the discussion further.

4. Online Directories

Online directories built for ecommerce businesses can be a great resource to find and connect with ecommerce business owners.

Websites such as Shopify Experts and BigCommerce Partners offer directories where you can initiate searches for ecommerce professionals according to their expertise, location, and niche. The directories offer search filters which can help you narrow down your search based on location, industry niche, and business size.

Once you filter out the ecommerce owners, analyze information such as the type of products or services offered by them and pick the ones that are ideal for you to initiate contact.

5. Trade Associations

Get in touch with local business associations to engage with e-commerce business owners in your preferred area, to build a strong local network.

These associations also host networking events, seminars, and workshops for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Business associations such as the eCommerce Merchants Trade Association (EMTA) open doors to great opportunities to network with e-commerce business owners.

Who Can Benefit from Contacting Ecommerce Business Owners?

Businesses and professionals from various industries can highly benefit from targeting ecommerce business owners. Some among them are:


Suppliers and Manufacturers

Getting in touch with ecommerce owners can open new sales channels for your products and services. Once you identify online businesses that are relevant to your offerings, you can propose partnerships with e-commerce business owners or become a part of their supply chain.


Service Providers

If you provide solutions for streamlining ecommerce business owners’ operations — through marketing, logistics, IT, or financial services, you can reach out to them and mutually grow.


Investors and Venture Capitalists

Thanks to its dynamic growth and scalability, ecommerce is a hotbed for investments. If you are an investor looking for innovative startups or already established ventures with expansion potential, you can contact e-commerce business owners for numerous investment opportunities.


E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

Ecommerce business owners looking to network with fellow ecommerce entrepreneurs, you can contact them and exchanges valuable knowledge, insights, experience, and even collaborate.


Job Seekers

If you are a professional on the lookout for opportunities in the field of ecommerce, you can greatly benefit from getting in touch with ecommerce business owners who need skills such as digital marketing or logistics management.

Why Choose DataCaptive to Find Ecommerce Business Owners Contacts?

When you choose DataCaptive to find e-commerce business owners, it is guaranteed that your outreach will be a success.

We provide you with access to a comprehensive and regularly updated contact database of e-commerce business owners. The contact information you receive will be up-to-date and relevant, boosting your chances of successful engagement. We also strictly adhere to major data privacy regulations such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and more, for risk-free business.

Our verified database also comes with detailed segmentation options that allow you to carry out highly targeted marketing. You can pick e-commerce business owners who align with your business goals, based on various criteria such as geographical location, revenue, employee size, industry, etc. This guarantees that your outreach campaigns reach the right audience.

Backed by our expert data team, we offer high-quality leads which can significantly increase your ROI and conversion rates for excellent business outcomes. Choose us today and watch your business grow!


You will never run out of avenues for identifying and connecting with e-commerce business owners in this digital era. No matter your goal — selling products, offering services, investing, networking, or finding employment — having knowledge of where these entrepreneurs gather is the first and most crucial step.

As the dynamic e-commerce landscape does not cease to grow, neither do the opportunities for relevant, meaningful and mutually beneficial connections and collaborations. Explore these avenues and unlock the full potential of the digital marketplace.


Entrepreneurs who operate online stores or platforms — for directly selling goods and services to consumers, businesses, or both — are e-commerce business owners.

Ecommerce business owners can be found through B2B data services like DataCaptive, online forums and communities, ecommerce events, conferences and trade shows, social media platforms, online directories, and local business associations.

Suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, investors, venture capitalists, ecommerce entrepreneurs, and job seekers can benefit from contacting e-commerce business owners.

Find e-commerce leads on LinkedIn through the platform’s advanced search features to filter the leads based on industry and location or utilize sponsored content for targeted advertising towards e-commerce leads in relevant industries.

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