DataCaptive and DiscoverOrg are two equal and strong company and contact database providers in the present B2B market.
DiscoverOrg provides organizations and companies with company and contact information and a suite of tools to ensure a firm’s growth and success. They were founded in 2007, backed by investment from TA & Associates, the Carlyle Group, and 22C Captial, and have also acquired iProfile, RainKing, Neverbounce. They acquired ZoomInfo in 2019.

DataCaptive is one of the elite contact database providers with innovative solutions backed with high-end technology. With 5+ years of industry experience, we have served 2000+ customers globally with our data-driven solutions.

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Our data amplifies your multi-channel campaigns’ success rate, encouraging personalized lead engagement, customer acquisition, retention, and many more. DataCaptive’s business model and process are designed to satisfy customer requirements persistently and add value to their operations, productivity, and efficiency.

Let us break down all the points of comparison between DiscoverOrg and DataCaptive to make it easy for you. Understand the similarities and differences to achieve a better picture and make your decision painless. Keep reading to know how DiscoverOrg alternative – DataCaptive!

Points of comparison

Database size
Update Frequency
Contract Obligations
Bonus Features
Special Features
Guarantee Policy
Database size
95M+ company profiles
100M+ direct emails
50M+ direct dials
4.3M+ C-level contacts
97M+ company profiles
98M+ emails
65M+ phone numbers
5M+ C-level contacts
A very obvious and considerable factor to judge or decide upon ‘which is the best’ is the database size of the data providers. The database is a variable that changes constantly as people leave and start jobs, or might change positions.

DiscoverOrg’s database covers 95M+ company profiles, 100M+ direct emails, 50M+ direct dial contacts, and 4.3M+ C- level contacts.

Where, DataCaptive has a super huge contact database of 97M+ company profiles, 98M+ emails, 65M+ phone numbers, and 5M+ C-level contacts. The data is collected from 50+ industries and 170+ countries. We allow our customers to pick their preferred criteria that may include trade-prioritized factors such as job title, industry type, geographic areas, demographics, and many more.

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Contract obligations
Every subscription is with a minimum time period of 12 months, offering the flexibility of only upgrading but not to cancel or downgrade plans.
Affordable price range, flexible to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel the subscription at any time.
Depending upon the size of a company, the range of requirements varies from each company. The same plan size would not fit every other organization in the market.

The downside of DiscoverOrg is that it does not allow its customers to avail of a flexible range of options in downgrading their plans. It only enables the upgrading of plans with the existing subscriptions. With this, DiscoverOrg draws strong negative points by disappointing its customers that opt for their services.

We at DataCaptive, contrarily, allow our customers to define their preferences while choosing our services. Customers are allowed to modify their choice of upgradation, degradation, or cancellation. We make sure our customers have a pain-free experience with our services, even if they wish to opt-out of our services when needed.

Special Features

Data visualization tool.

AccountView to develop an ideal customer profile.

Bi-directional syncing of CRM data.

AI verified data followed by human verification.

Double-opt-in process.

As already mentioned in the earlier parts of this article, DiscoverOrg and DataCaptive are two tough competitors in the world of B2B company and contact database providers. DiscoverOrg and DataCaptive, both the brands offer verified direct dials that are geo-targeted.

Whereas, DiscoverOrg has a data visualization tool called AccountView, that develops an ideal customer profile. It also offers bi-directional syncing of CRM data, i.e., when the company updates or modifies contacts in its database, the system will automatically update the same in the customer’s CRM.

On the other hand, DataCaptive offers human-verified data, which plays a significant role in yielding high-ticket leads for our customers. Our process of human-verification ensures major factors of delivering high-quality data, namely, accuracy, authenticity, and providing 7x more seamless connections with the target audience. This way, a sales rep saves his time alongside advancing the sales process and time management.

We ensure the accuracy of our data backed with a double opt-in process.

Update Frequency

Database verification once
every 90 days.

Database verification once
every 45 days.

One of the most critical and significant factors while considering a database provider is their update frequency. You would not want to use outdated and stale data after investing a lump sum amount into purchasing a database.

DiscoverOrg’s company and contact information are updated and verified once every 90 days or sooner, as the brand itself says. The larger the time interval, the severe the impact could be. A 90-day’ time period has a more substantial probability of causing the customer to miss out on opportunities to generate leads. It may direct you to waste your valuable time dialing the wrong contacts.

At DataCaptive, we update and verify our database every 45 days. Our verification process involves a stringent 7-step methodology that includes a manual check and AI verification, ensuring accuracy and authenticity. Every contact in our database is 100% opted-in, assuring 95% accuracy. We set the quality of our data as our top-most priority.
DataCaptive’s 7-step email verification process
We follow strict data policies like – GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI-CAN-SPAM. We do not entertain any glitches that lead to any data leakage or privacy violations.
Bonus Features
DataCaptive comes up with a lot of extra features that you would find nowhere else other than here!
First email campaign for 100% free
Yes, you heard it right! Every customer that buys our contact data is eligible for a free email campaign for the first time. It is 100% free of cost and beneficial for you to understand the efficiency of our data and bag high-ticket leads that actually can close deals with you.
Complaint-status tracker
DataCaptive has a complaint-tracking system for the customer’s advantage. You can raise a ticket with your concern and track its status!
Data enrichment services
Besides providing contact and email database, DataCaptive provides data enrichment services that include data appending, data verification, data validation, and data cleansing You may opt for one if you are looking for any data enrichment services.
Guarantee Policy
An exceptional set of guarantee policies DataCaptive offers with its data that you do not want to lose out on:

95% deliverability guarantee

People keep changing their companies, job positions, phone numbers, email addresses and are relocated, due to which this industry, in general, cannot deliver 100%. But we verify, validate, and keep our information list updated every 45 days to ensure your email list is highly responsive.

Cashback guarantee

We are concerned about our services’ performance and do not want to charge you unnecessarily. We verify our contacts and share only updated lists. But if, unfortunately, the case of hard bounces and invalid contacts shows up, the contacts will be replaced with immediate effect. If you still aren’t satisfied with it, we will refund your money for all invalid contacts.

Bounce-back guarantee

We guarantee 95% deliverability to ensure you’re satisfied with the contact data we provide. But in case of any disfunction, send us a report showing the hard bounce rate, and we will provide you with absolutely fresh and free data credits to make sure you get what we guarantee.

Best price guarantee

We want our customers to get the best values and maintain a long-term relationship. Our services are client-oriented, and customers who buy our databases get offers and discounts regularly. Since every customer is precious to us, we make sure they are highly satisfied and feel that our services are worthy of their pay.
Alternative of zoominfo
Like any other software, DiscoverOrg will also have certain limitations. Whereas DataCaptive, being an offline process of customizing database, has more market coverage, and access to more accurate and latest information. Not just that, DataCaptive also has a developer API for its customers to ease the integration of data into their CRM tools.

We at DataCaptive, take your order’s specifications like the type of audience, company type, size, and so on, and customize the database for your brand. And the reward for your patience is high-quality data!

With the changing times and evolving changes to stay relevant, DataCaptive has been consistently serving excellence in providing company and contact data. With a more extensive database, better update frequency, 7-tier verification process, double opt-in check, extra features, and the best set of guarantee policies, DataCaptive stands as the best alternative for DiscoverOrg.