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DataCaptive vs ZoomInfo – Alternative Of ZoomInfo

DataCaptive vs Zoominfo

ZoomInfo and DataCaptive are two equally strong and well-known B2B contact database providers in the current market.

ZoomInfo is a powerful intelligence platform for B2B sales and marketing teams. Their data is managed and maintained by engines running on machine learning and artificial intelligence that pulls information from several reliable sources. In February 2019, DiscoverOrg announced ZoomInfo’s acquisition for $500 million, and in September 2020, ZoomInfo rebranded to ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg.

DataCaptive is one of those premium contact database providers with innovative solutions backed by high-end technology. With data-driven solutions, we have served 2000+ customers globally, with 5+ years of industry experience.

premium contact database providers across globe

Our values focus on integrity, perseverance, transparency, and commitment to anything we do. Our data enhance multi-channel campaigns, encourage personalized lead engagement, customer acquisition, retention, and more. We enable you to identify, connect, nurture, and prospect highly qualified leads.


Let us walk you through the points of comparison between ZoomInfo’s and DataCaptive’s qualities. Understand the similarities and differences to gain better clarity by making your choice following your needs.

Points of comparison

  1. Database size
  2. Data quality
  3. Contract obligations
  4. Special features
  5. Customer base
  6. The timeframe for ROI

1. Database size


  • 95M+ Company profiles
  • 63M+ Direct dials
  • 100M+ Direct emails
  • 4.3M+ C-level contacts


  • 97M+ Company profiles
  • 65M+ Phone numbers
  • 98M+ emails
  • 5M+ C-level contacts

With a vast database, ZoomInfo is one of the largest B2B contact database providers. They claim to add a significant number of contacts to their database almost daily. In such a case, the number of contacts increases day by day.


At DataCaptive, we stand at an equal and tough competition to ZoomInfo. Additionally, we offer our customers to choose their contact data criteria that include business-emphasized factors such as job title, industry, industry type, geographic area, and many more. We regularly keep a check on our database by multiple verifications and updating it with relevant and current information available in the market.

2. Data quality


The in-house team verifies the performance of the data algorithm


Authorized sourcing and multiple verifications of the data

ZoomInfo’s contact information is mostly machine processed that ultimately creating a quality rift. It would cause the customer to miss out on opportunities to generate leads as well as waste valuable time dialing the wrong contacts.


At DataCaptive, the data is sourced from several industry-specific tradeshows, conferences, seminars, online portals, magazine subscriptions, online subscriptions, SEC filings, new business filings, annual reports, etc. Our data undergoes a quality check manually as well as through AI to ensure accuracy and quality.


We follow a stringent 7-step verification process for our email lists, including manual verification, to ensure authenticity. Every contact in our database is 100% opted-in, assuring 95% accuracy and following a 45-day re-verification to maintain the quality of the data.

7 step verificaition process

Our data adhere to data privacy policies like the GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI-CAN-SPAM. We take utmost measures to protect our data from any leakage or privacy violations.

DataCaptive follows a double opt-in process with a detailed 7-step procedure.

3. Contract obligations


  • All subscriptions are for a minimum of 12 months, offering the flexibility of only upgrading but not canceling or downgrading plans.


  • Affordable price range,
  • Flexible to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel the subscription at any time.

Customers consider the ease of flexibility for the services they opt for. Besides being opaque in terms of pricing towards its audience, ZoomInfo doesn’t allow its customers to downgrade or cancel their subscriptions. This way, Zoominfo has a strong probability of disappointing its customers in terms of building trust and opting for their services.

At DataCaptive, we allow our customers to go with their preferred choices while picking their services. Our customers can easily modify their opted plan with an upgrade, degrade, or cancellation. We ensure that the end-user doesn’t face any difficulty when they wish to opt out of our services.

4. Special features

  • Platform plugins


  • Human verified data, double-opt-in process

ZoomInfo and DataCaptive are two parallel contenders with the same capabilities and types of services provided. An extra feature for ZoomInfo could be its platform’s plugins. ZoomInfo’s plugins help and make the process of utilizing new B2B intelligence, whereas the ZoomInfo ReachOut extension helps in collecting emails and direct dial information from LinkedIn accounts.


DataCaptive’s human-verified data plays a huge role in churning out leads for our customers. It ensures our customers – accuracy, authenticity, quality, and higher returns. Human-verified data assures connection to the audience 7x more. It ultimately saves the sales rep’s time, boosting the sales process, and helping them to reach their goals on time.


We also strictly follow the double opt-in process to ensure the accuracy of our data.

DataCaptive has a complaint-tracking system for its customer’s benefit.

You can raise a ticket with your concern and track its status!

5. Customer base

  • Only focused on large enterprises


  • Focused on providing the best-customized solution for small to large enterprises

ZoomInfo’s focus centers majorly on providing and selling their data to large enterprises. Whereas DataCaptive’s primary focus is to offer the best, suitable, and customized solutions for all customers regardless of the size of their business.

6. The time frame for ROI

  • Time-consuming process and a lag in deciding the pricing


  • Sign up for contact data and jump into lead generation right away!

A pretty obvious observation is that the faster you find new leads, the quicker you can close the deals. With DataCaptive, you can get started immediately. Sign up for our data, and you will get access to our database within 3-5 business days. We customize each email list according to our customer’s inputs and ensure that the user experiences a hassle-free process further. Postorder confirmation, our data undergoes an extra round of quality check for any staleness in data just before we deliver the file. We make sure our customers receive the most updated information of every contact purchased.


If you need assistance, you can also schedule a demo session with us to understand the best ways to make the most out of our data. You are more likely to see quicker results with DataCaptive when compared to ZoomInfo.


In the case of ZoomInfo, you will need to raise a request to see their pricing and wait before signing up for the platform. Though you could instantly access their database, you are prone to have stale or irrelevant data that eventually makes the customers miss out on opportunities to generate leads and nurture them.

Here’s your chance to implement 360-degree data-driven marketing solutions for 4X ROI!
Alternative of zoominfo

DataCaptive is a more affordable option with robust characteristics when compared to ZoomInfo, making it an ideal and best ZoomInfo alternative. It is an adequate solution to hike your sales and efforts to help you close more business deals. With better characteristics and an extensive database, more flexible options, and extra qualification processes, DataCaptive stands as the best alternative to ZoomInfo.

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