“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”– Dale Carnegie

Personalization is a process of trying to meet an individual customer’s needs, giving him the focus that he deserves. Why is personalization so important? You may ask…Well, the answer is simple- every customer has different sets of needs and tailoring to each of them differently will ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

If there is no personalization, you will end up giving the same kind of service to every customer without really understanding the different needs of different customers. There will be no scope for growth and improvement. In a business, you want to build a relationship with a customer and not just go on having a one sided affair.

How would you feel if your boyfriend or husband is just doing his “supposed” duty without really communicating with you or understanding you? Without clear communication, he will never really know if you are happy or not. Once he understands you, he will be able know what makes you happy and do more of things that make you happy.

Consumer is the king and ensuring his maximum satisfaction is the goal of any business enterprise. Personalization or customization is a way to go to any business enterprise to succeed.

As we already know the importance of customization, let us now discuss the ways it impacts a B2B marketing firm:-


1. Keeps the customers engaged

74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content (e.g., offers, ads, promotions, etc.) appears that has nothing to do with their interests – Source: 2013 Online Personal Experience Study, by Janrain

This doesn’t come as a surprise! When a customer is given individual attention, he is likely to stick around for a longer time. He is given the information about things he is most interested in, which also means he is likely to invest his time and energy in it!

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and ask yourself these questions- would you like to see too many advertisements while reading some really important blogs? Would a woman be interested in the ads of men’s shaving cream? Most likely NO!

We do not want to spend too much of our investments on providing content to a random audience when our target audience is not the entire market. We need to utilize that energy in putting more effort to understand our customers and catering to their unique needs.

When you are trying to sell a television to a person who has just bought a new house vs the person who already has 3 televisions in his house which he has acquired 2 years back, the first one will most likely buy the television.

Create content that would be of interest to your customer, do some quality research before just putting forth irrelevant content that definitely frustrates your prospects! Personalization helps you with just that. Customers will be engaged as well as you have a better chance of getting more sales and hence increasing your ROI.


2. Builds a quality relationship with the customer

        Someone to tell it to is one of the fundamental needs of human beings. – Miles Franklin

In the brick-and-mortar days, customers could ask both store workers and other shoppers their opinions about a certain item before buying. We can do the same in the digital world, by giving a platform to the customers where they can share with us their feedback and queries.

Every customer must be given importance and his queries must be taken care of. This builds a quality relationship. The potential customers can view all the comments and feedback before making a purchase.

You, on the other hand will be in a better place to understand each customer after looking into their queries. You will cater to the unique needs of every customer and thus have a better ROI.


3. Scope for growth and development

We find comfort among those who agree with us – growth among those who don’t.  -Frank A. Clark

It is a huge responsibility to be able to personalize for every customer and it requires great effort and strength. When you are focusing on every customer as an individual you are able to get into the depths of their thought process. Every customer will have different experiences with the kind of service you are providing, the more you listen the more you will understand that there is a scope for growth and development. There is nothing called the “best”, you are challenging yourself every day and setting new records every day. A happy customer will not just make you feel satisfied, but will also motivate you to do better every time.


Personalization is definitely very important and with the help of the technology that we are blessed to have, it is even possible. Invest in tools that will help you with it and your customers will be happier than ever. Happy customers inevitably means a happier YOU!