The Famous Personality Once said “That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.”- Abraham Lincoln.

Yes, the 16th president of the United States, Lincoln gave us inspiring words that have endured till today. Abraham Lincoln, well known for his contributions, nationalistic achievements, and the abolition of slavery has articulated some of the best memorable speeches and lines from his political career. He sure did beat the system with his amazing oratory skills, we can precisely learn how to connect with people from his exquisite perspective.

As we all know, connecting with people is one of the linchpins of marketing to enhance your business. Let’s now try and implement his i.e., Abraham Lincoln’s words in the perspective of marketing and not to forget, the words from famous personalities can be a good fit for your needs. Abraham Lincoln gave us his words, sharing the language of his life. People needed guidance to succeed and Lincoln gave more than one.
  1. Don’t wait, Take actions: Why? “Don’t wait for the right opportunity, create it.”
  2. compress image 4 Well, the trick here is to focus on getting better and not how good you are. To ensure that you are heading towards your marketing goal, take effective steps to create good marketing plan and reach out to customers. Procrastinating can cause you major drawbacks and opportunities sure do come to you when you’re hustling.
  3. The Desire to prepare: You heard that right! Abraham Lincoln, the American statesman, once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first 4 hours sharpening the ax.”
  4. Must Read: deadly challenges marketers face today. compress image 10 Preparing for challenges and organizing things is the best way to make sure you are progressing at all times. Marketers should dedicate most of their time in preparation which will ultimately save their time in execution.
  5. Team Motivation: Abraham Lincoln’s speech and thoughtful quotes not only etched the moment in the minds of those who were at the ceremony but had a great impact on the very fabric of America and other parts of the world. Lincoln’s role in the American Civil War says it all.
  6. compress image 9 The above photo clearly depicts how Lincoln worked with his team to reach their goals. It is important for the marketers also to find out what motivates their team and stepping beyond our thoughts to become great communicators in business.
  7. “We” effect: Lincoln clearly stayed far away from the word “I”. To captivate your customers on an intuitive level it’s very important that you use the word “We.”
  8. compress image 11

    To make your emails and newsletters more credible, use “WE” to effectively gain prominence, trust and perceive confidence. Words like “Our” and “We” helps you connect easily with the readers.
  9. Positivity: Abraham Lincoln believed in looking at the brighter side, he said, “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
  10. positivity

    Being optimistic can advance your efficiency and execute your plans.
  11. Reputation: Protecting the company’s name and reputation is in the hands of the marketer. Be very careful before leaking the information about your services to the world, company’ reputation matters like Lincoln quotes, “Reputation is like China, once broken it’s very hard to repair.”
  12. Also read, how dirty data can ruin your company’s reputation. compress image 8 Reputation of the company can gain:
    • Loyalty
    • Relations
    • Customers
    • Good standards
    So don’t mess with it.
  13. Clutch every chance: Abraham Lincoln did not live a long life but he definitely enjoyed and made his life count. This teaches all of us, to do what we have to do to reach our destiny. Seizing every chance we get to upgrade our personal and professional growth.
  14. clutch every chance
  15. Leadership Skills: Best leaders like Abraham Lincoln himself lead by example, it’s extremely important to get in trenches with your team. By being their advocate for the upper management and facing the same risks, a leader can expect support and work loyalty from his/her team.
  16. compress image 6
  17. Social and Communication Skills: To persuade your readers, empathy and emotional intelligence are vital. With that, you need to have top-notch social skills to attract customers. Abraham Lincoln gained support from his nation for the exclusive knowledge to persuade and lead teams.
  18. compress image 1 Abraham Lincoln was a renowned storyteller, much of his success is associated with his ability to connect with people. In marketing, connecting with your customers is essential to establish a business. Click here, to learn the power of connecting.
  19. Say “hello,” to Criticisms: We sincerely request you not to ignore advises and criticisms. Feedback is crucial for the development of a company. Accept advice, meanwhile follow your own instincts. This is just what the great man Lincoln did and used the opinion of others to self-correct and improve.
  20. compress image 3 Most of the leaders who surround us have a major influence on business and life because of their notoriousness. Abraham Lincoln is one such legendary man who carved the best out of people with his communication skills. Marketing can work some leadership skills and improve their companies and business and we are certain you can do it considering the above mentioned motivating qualities. Also, read how other companies are building their status. Next time when you find failure and stress staring at you, stare right back and think of Lincoln.