Content marketing is the ‘board’ room
Checkmate like a king!

Every Chess master was once a beginner.
– Irving Chernev

Content marketing focuses on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a
targeted audience across various online platforms.
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Marketing, SEO,
and negotiations.

Content marketer- the king in the ‘board’ room

Avoid the crowd. Do your own thinking independently
Be the chess player, not the chess piece.
-Ralph Charell

A content marketer creates, publishes, and distributes content. They attract audiences’ attention, generate
leads, expand the customer base, increases sales and brand awareness, and engages users!
Build an ICP
Increases sales
Generate leads
Engages users
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Brand awareness
Creates content
Shares valuable content
Convert prospects into customers
Converts customers into repeat buyers
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I don’t believe in psychology. I believe in good moves.
-Boddy Fischer

Attack like a king- but with content!

Identify/Select the product
Like chess, content marketers must choose and focus on a product/service for marketing where you select your opponent.
Develop a strategy
Play your game with an intelligent approach that yields the best results. A content marketer must have a proper marketing and execution strategy for optimum results.
Set the move
Design sly moves like a chess player to leave a mark. What channels, type of content, or CTAs do you want to associate the brand with?
Promotion strategy
The promotion strategy depends on the reaction. A content writer must learn, unlearn and yet continue playing the game to record the best results.

One doesn’t have to play well.
It’s enough to play better than your opponent.
-Siegbert Tarrasch

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How to ace the game like a
GRANDMASTER in the content marketer

Content marketing is not confined to any boundaries; hence marketers must know the
exact pathway to their content rank.
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1. Smart ‘tactics’:
Be clever, both with marketing as well as chess. Look what’s trending on the market. Research what your customers want, and deliver accordingly.
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2. Touch moves:
Touch moves in digital marketing bring the best results! If you have made a profile on any platform, use it! You must not and cannot back out from it.
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3. Zugzwang:
In chess, it’s the obligation to move when any move at all will be wrong. Don’t post just for the sake of it. Avoid it as much as possible.
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4. Ply:
A half-move. Half moves can make a complete move. For example, you can market a YouTube video through Facebook or Instagram. Or promote a blog through a video.
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5. Blitz:
Fast chess. Content marketing isn’t a blitz. It is for the long run. Don’t go all out at one go. It will not only exhaust the moves but also leave you clueless.
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6. Blunder:
A wrong move, very likely to crash all your marketing efforts. Irregular posting, no proper research, irrelevant content, etc., can be blundering for the brand.

Other CHESSSMEN in the game? Let’s see!

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Graphic designers are the QUEEN. Because who would read the content if it isn’t designed well!
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2. ROOK:
SEO professionals are the living ROOKs! Without SEO, the whole marketing crumbles down to pieces.
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Writers are the BISHOPS. Irrespective of whether they do the marketing or not, they are an integral part of the team.
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No marketing game can be complete without the ad planners or termed as KNIGHTS. Planning is the most crucial part of any marketing strategy.

How can content marketers ace
marketing in the B2B sector?

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Draft personalized content based on the psychology and demography of a particular lead and target accordingly on different platforms.
Check out our concise guide to account-based marketing to get deeper insights.
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2. Drip campaigns:
Formulate different types of content for leads across various platforms and different stages of the marketing channel.
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3. Digital marketing:
Target your leads across different social media channels or other online platforms through emails, messages, pop-ups, and more.
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The best marketing strategy in the B2B industry, content marketers can use their expertise to target leads from new markets and industry sectors.
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Content is the crux of marketing. Be it visual, audio, or written, a brand cannot function without growing and validating content as an integral part of its sales and marketing strategy. If you are looking to ace your content marketing but do not know where to start, we are here for you.

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