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Revitalize Your B2B Social Presence With These Easy Tweaks

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In the current business world, Social Media platforms are open hunting grounds for marketers. It’s one of the coolest ways available today for brands to connect with their audience & do their promotion.


Social Media which were earlier platforms for people to simply connect, post their updates & share photos paved the way for companies to enter for upgrading their business, primarily because marketers know that where there are people there is a chance for business. Today more & more companies are embracing the concept of Social Media.

The notion that Social Media is only for B2C no longer exists as   (B2B companies ) worldwide have realized its potential in generating revenue & goodwill. Effective Social Media Marketing programs are top on the priority list for marketers of B2B organizations.

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Social media not just help B2B marketers to benefit from it but also could be the most effective marketing channel of all.  Social media marketers are gaining importance & respect as magicians who generate revenue for organizations.


But the funny thing about Social Media marketing that businesses have to understand is that just opening up accounts & staring at the screens, won’t bring in any money. It will take time, investment, commitment, strategy & a whole lot of effort to generate success. B2B marketers should take special care since the planning of the strategy has to be done as per the industry type & they should make sure their accounts don’t go stale & outdated.



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The typical B2B Social media playbook today is “blog, build social media channels, share brand content & boost”. What marketers have to do is going beyond these as the buyers in the B2B segment are much more discerning about whom to follow, what content they read & share.


Besides Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter are constantly changing their rules on what is to be shown in their social feeds & new platforms are emerging day by day. B2B marketers should make sure that the strategies they apply are in effect with the trends to ensure that they do not fall behind.


Read on the techniques that we have jotted down for the marketers in the B2B segment so that you never get stuck in a social media rut.

Renovate & optimize your b2b social media profiles

Revamping & optimizing your profiles can sometimes be the simplest & most effective way to give boost to your B2B social media presence.


  • Profile updating: A new look for your accounts can provide a fresh feel to the audience, new & old alike. Updating your banners seasonally as your Brands evolve can reflect your progression to the viewers in the most fun & cost effective way.
  • Posting often & reviewing messages: Posting regularly across all platforms makes sure that your customers never question whether you are still active or not. Posting frequently make sure that your content get a loyal audience following. Marketers should also make sure that the messages reflect your company’s overall goals and remain consistent & current to ensure that the brand is properly represented when discovered.
  • Examine your Bio & Links: Updating your Bio & about-us section along with making sure that links that are still active & connect users to the correct place is essential. This helps not only in providing better visibility for social profiles but also connects authority to social media. Credible links that are connected to your page from the website can help to push them up in the search engine results page. Also make sure to include keywords throughout bio & individual posts, that tie back to your company & products/services you provide.

Experimenting with new isn’t bad

What many marketers forget is that Social media is a platform for advertising rather than rocket science. Trying & experimenting new methods is what marketers have been doing since the concept of business got introduced. Going beyond just creating accounts in channels, blogging & sharing the content is what social media marketers should be focusing on.

experimenting with the idea
Image Source: Affiliate Programs in India
  • Including Images & Videos: (94% more views) are received for content with relevant images than the content without images while social video generates 1200% more shares than text & image combined. Marketers should understand what will engage the audience as per the industry & apply it in their strategy.
  • Live with live streaming: Live streaming isn’t just a novelty but rather an effective tool that businesses can use to boost engagement. According to this (survey), 82% of people would rather watch live video streams from a brand rather than reading a post. Social media platforms have made it easy for businesses to innovatively use the technology of live streaming in multiple ways which includes streaming product launches, product demonstration, product review, B2B webinar or Q& A sessions as per the need of the situation.
  • Availing Influencer help: Even though, the ways of business have changed, certain things never do. People still believe those they have a deeper connection with them rather than the words of salesmen. Reaching out to influencers who already have a large audience will help boost your business in ways of gaining more leads, goodwill & sometimes new & quality content.
  • Right mix of Original & 3rd party content: Social media marketers have to realize that it’s not only about you but also about making the right connections & engaging with others. Sharing content that is dedicated to educating the audience about your organization’s way of thinking about business & direction of the industry is needed to build your audience’s trust. Sharing content from sources like Partners (especially joint innovations) & industry experts (topics important to the audience) should be considered to supplement with your own content.
  • Tapping into brand advocacy: Having customers say a great thing about your brand is one of the most effective techniques in getting a leg-up on the competition. The best way to get customers to do more on your behalf is to do more on your behalf, so make customers look awesome in Social media which will turn your customers into VIP advocates.
  • Attaining employee help: Having the human element in your social media strategy helps to connect audience on a more emotional level. You can utilize your employee’s voice while sharing quotes, pictures or short videos for this. Also encouraging employees to build a strong social presence which will help to attract prospects towards them is also a good technique. This will also provide an opportunity for your employees to become company advocates sharing your content.


Tracking the analytics

Running regular analytic reports will let you know how to improve or tweak your strategies which can lead you to the path of success in social media marketing. Looking at what has & hasn’t worked for you in the past on each platform can figure out practices that are best to leave behind & the ones you should expand on for future success.

the characteristics of metrics
Image Source: linkedin
  • Knowing what works: Most social media platforms have built in Analytics that can tell about the social media strategy’s success. These can be used to understand what posts inspire the most comments, the most shares, the one that drives more traffic to the website & what doesn’t work.
  • Following the followers: Tracking the number of followers/ page likes that has been added to platforms over a specific period of time can let you know where you are strong/ weak. Also using analytics you can identify how visitors have found & clicked on your website through social media. This can help you in knowing were to focus more or even change your approach.
  • Timing & venue for winning: Using analytics, you can view the data which can show at what time of the day your followers are most active also along with data that shows how engagement has risen & fallen throughout the period. The platforms that work more than others can also be identified in this way. All these information can help you in deciding in scheduling the posts in a way that they’re seen by the most users possible.

Staying focused, different & engaging

There might be a hell lot of other B2B companies on various social media platforms, which may be selling product/service similar to yours. The only way to stand out from them is by bringing something to the table which is focused, original & engaging to customers.

Image Source: planoprofile
  • Getting creative: As marketers, you should always be on the lookout to find new angles that will help you to generate creative content that attracts your audience. You must identify what kind of content your competitors are publishing along with where all they are posting. By knowing this you can work on improving the quality & value of your own. Knowing what to offer which your competitors can’t, should be the driving force behind content creation.
  • Audience focused: To maintain quality over quantity, it’s essential to remain focused on the content. Many marketers believe just focusing on post frequency will be enough for social media. You should never be shooting a share/tweet/link unless it’s related to your audience needs.
  • Stay Engaged: Social media isn’t just for creating content & sharing it, it’s also for communicating with your audience. Marketers should focus on responding complaints, answering questions, showing appreciation & congratulating customers. Piggybacking on industry events & joining other people’s communities by commenting on related photos, videos and taking advantage of relevant hashtags should also be done.

Signing off

With so many Social media channels to focus on it’s easy for marketers to lose track. So every once in a while, you should stop and examine your social media presence. Social media is an evolving platform, which means applying the same model again & again will only result in failure. Marketers should also never forget that their target is to gain goodwill & business from the audience and not showing power in Social media.



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