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Why It Is Worth Exploring The Idea Of Working With A Freelance Web Designer

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If you want to launch a new website or get your existing website redesigned, you are bound to be in dilemma. Should you hire a large web design studio for the job or outsource your project to a freelancer? Agencies worldwide have left no stone unturned to defame freelancers calling them ‘amateur’, ‘unreliable’ while marketing their own services as ‘professional’, ‘cutting-edge’ and ‘competitively priced’. This is far away from the truth as in the world of web designing and development freelancers are slowly taking a lead and giving large agencies a run for their money. If you still have some doubts in your mind here are some reasons why it is worth exploring the idea of working with a web designer freelance.

They are the best in business

There are three things that a freelancer needs to be good at – skills (here it would be web design and development), communication and offering quality support to his/her clients. Quite naturally it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In other words an average web designer isn’t likely to quit his 9 to 5 job and try a career in freelancing. It demands strong self-believe and faith in one’s ability to take this plunge. Irrespective of how web design agencies look down upon freelancers it is only the best web developers who take up to freelancing. Hiring a freelancer means you will work with the very best in business.

They keep updated with the latest technology and trends

Freelancers have an uphill task when it comes to sourcing projects – they need to fight competition in the market and more importantly the prejudice that has been fuelled by big agencies. They counter this by staying updated on the latest technology and the trends in web development. From attending webinars on new tools and frameworks to reading through developments on the most popular blogs they explore all opportunities at maintaining their competitive edge.


Also freelancers aren’t restricted by pre-conceived ideas and business models set by marketing guys as in the case of an agency. They explore their creativity to the fullest. If you are looking for an out-of-box solution to one of your business problems a freelance web designer is surely better placed than an ‘employee web designer’ to meet your goals.

They bring specific skills to the table

Most agencies market themselves as ‘know-it-all’ businesses. They work across frameworks, tools and domains. While this may sound enticing you can never really figure out the kind of expertise they have in each one of them. For instance an agency may have great WordPress developers but that doesn’t ensure success on your Magento powered online store. On the other hand freelancers mostly focus on their core skills. When you are planning to hire someone with niche skills, you are more likely to find freelancers bringing in the skills you are looking for.

They don’t burn a hole in your pocket

When you work with a web development agency you aren’t only paying for their developers but also have to bear all their overhead costs. From salary of the HR and housekeeping staff to enormous rents they pay for high street offices, you are paying for them all! This is the reason a web designer freelance would often send you a quote that an agency can never match. If you are on a tight budget or wish to cut down on the cost of your web development project, freelance designers can help you meet your goals.

They don’t mind work at odd hours

Think about a scenario where you need a new page or section added to your website by Sunday and it’s already Friday evening. An agency would raise its hands up and politely turn down your request. Freelancers on the other hand set their own working hours and they always accommodate such requests from the clients. If you are working on a personal project after office hours or building your own start-up this flexibility can work to your advantage.

They don’t fire themselves

Web development is a continuous process where your website would need to be upgraded from time to time. It goes without saying that your web designer develops clear idea of your business model with time and also understands your needs better with experience. It is common for designers to switch jobs or get fired by their bosses in web design agencies. If you work with an agency you may constantly need to work with new people and explain to them your business model and goals. As for freelancers, they just don’t fire themselves.


Freelance entrepreneurial spirit is thriving in the web designing industry and from what we have already seen here you could surely be convinced about the benefits of hiring a freelance web designer. However you must bear in mind that not all of them bring the same kind of skills and expertise to the table. You need to do a detailed background research on their credentials to get under their skin. When you get a seasoned freelancer on board they would earn you maximum dividends from your web presence and power the growth of your business.

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