ZoomInfo Pricing and Plans (2024): A Detailed Analysis

ZoomInfo Pricing and Plans 2023

You probably already know about ZoomInfo if you’re seeking a powerful prospecting tool and customer contact database to expand your firm. This well-liked platform is used by both small and large businesses to give sales teams strong lead-generation capabilities, immediate access to countless business connections, and in-depth analytics to fuel effective outreach initiatives.


In this article, we will examine ZoomInfo’s plans and pricing to assist you in making a well-informed choice with respect to your prospecting needs.

What is ZoomInfo?

Much like DataCaptive, ZoomInfo came into the picture to help sales and marketing teams use technology to meet marketing needs. With a simple sign up, your teams can access a huge set of prospecting tools and a vast database for your business activities.

ZoomInfo & it’s Main Features

You get a huge variety of features with ZoomInfo. Let’s have a look at them for better understanding.


Data-backed Insights: Utilize reliable contact and corporate data to understand customer intent and get in touch with qualified leads. To further marketing, ZoomInfo offers useful contact and website tracking as well. 


Automation: Consistent communication with prospects is simple with ZoomInfo’s built-in email and dialer automation.


Strong Integration Process: You can easily integrate your favorite CRM tools with ZoomInfo.


Chat on Website: A top-notch chatbot which automates regular sales interactions and reduces the length of the sales cycle is also available.


Lead Enrichment: The program adds correct, high-quality data to your incomplete contact list which enriches your database thoroughly. 


To understand if ZoomInfo is infact worth it, let us have a look at the offered by them for accessing these features.

ZoomInfo Pricing Plans for 2024

ZoomInfo has a lot to offer, and its cost might vary significantly based on your needs and how you utilize the product. Although this is an amazing approach to customize pricing for companies of all sizes, it might be challenging to comprehend your entire expenditure. Your costs for using ZoomInfo’s tools and capabilities are heavily influenced by a few crucial variables. They consist of the features and functionalities you utilize, the quantity of licenses and credits you desire. 

Let’s discuss the detailed pricing plans of ZoomInfo for 2024.

1. Professional+

The most fundamental plan offered by SalesOS, is a good entry-level option to get an idea about ZoomInfo’s core capabilities. You will gain access to the client database, be able to call them directly, create custom prospect lists, alerts, and filters, among other capabilities. 


Although ZoomInfo’s basic plan has a strong selection of tools and capabilities, the cost is rather high. The platform’s Professional+ package without any add-ons starts at slightly under $15,000 per year. If your business is a small startup, ZoomInfo may be too expensive.  


However, the plan provides a free trial so that you can use the site risk-free before making a purchase. 

2. Advanced+

This includes every feature of the Professional+ plan, along with improved data elements and insights for quicker results. You get access to geographical data, organizational charts, linkages to social media profiles, tech adoption insights, information about purchasing intent, information about website visitors, and even better filtering possibilities. 


While the Professional+ plan’s annual starting price is around $15,000, the Advanced+ and Elite+ plans’ prices are unclear. It’s likely that the fees will be substantially more than the Professional+ plan, but you’ll have to talk to the sales team to find out the specific costs. 

3. Elite+

The Elite+ package is a top-of-the-line marketing solution. It offers real-time buying intent signals, automation for typical sales tasks, contact tracking, and AI-generated target customer profiles in addition to everything Professional+ and Advanced+ have to offer. 


The Elite+ plan can be a good fit if you’re prepared to launch an aggressive lead generating campaign. Premium features, however, cost a premium. For a personalized price for the Elite+ plan based on your needs, you’ll need to get in touch with the sales staff.

ZoomInfo Alternatives

Although ZoomInfo is a strong, versatile product with lots to offer sales teams, there are many alternatives that are equally effective and far less expensive. To assist you in making the best decision for your business and sales force, let’s examine some of the best alternatives that have more to offer than ZoomInfo pricing and plans.

1. DataCaptive

At an affordable price range, DataCaptive offers a powerful set of tools and features to advance your sales. With an industry-leading prospector tool, real-time email search & verification, data enrichment services, company & contact insights, data-driven marketing, and many more captivating features, DataCaptive is an excellent alternative to ZoomInfo. 

2. Apollo.io

Apollo offers a comprehensive database of business contacts, company information, and a suite of sales engagement tools.

3. UpLead

UpLead offers a B2B database with millions of contacts and companies, including real-time email verification.

4. Clearbit

Clearbit provides real-time business intelligence and data enrichment services to help you better understand your leads and customers.

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the last ZoomInfo substitute on our list. Many sales teams can benefit from the potential of the greatest professional networking platform in the world by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Despite having less functionality than the other platforms on our list, this solution offers seamless CRM connectivity and strong sales data to support effective outbound marketing initiatives. 


The cost of ZoomInfo is determined by a number of variables, including how frequently you use the service, your individual requirements, add-ons, and any necessary integrations. ZoomInfo pricing and plans are targeted towards elite businesses with lots to spend on marketing. 


Look no further than DataCaptive for a wonderful substitute that provides effective marketing tools at a fraction of the price! 

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