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4 Ways To Find The Best Lawyer For Your Busines

Quick steps to find the right lawyer for your business

Every business, irrespective of size, location, or function, needs two professionals- an accountant and a lawyer/attorney. While the reasons for hiring an accountant are pretty self-explanatory, many businesses do not give the same heed to hiring a lawyer. This is because the reasons for hiring a lawyer are not so apparent or taken seriously into consideration.

However, it is not a wise thing to do. I expect businesses to abide by myriad rules and regulations. Lawyers are important in gaining insights into the daily functioning of the business. Hiring a lawyer to help plan and execute your business strategy is a smart decision not just for the bottom line, but also for your businesses safety & health.


As of 2020, there are over 1.3 million lawyers across the United States. That means there is only one attorney for every 240 people in the U.S.

Protecting your company is important, but what are the red flags that tell you when to seek the guidance of a lawyer?

There are some of the reasons

If your finance records are going haywire

If you are unable to manage the finance of your business or the finance graph is growing, you need to hire a professional who knows the law and is trained to apply for business loans and understand the financial ropes of raising capital. They also know ways to take advantage of tax breaks and avoid tax penalties.

If you do not understand your role in a shared partnership

If you are a sole proprietor, partner, an LLC, or associated with businesses of any kind, you must hire a lawyer. An experienced lawyer will not only help you understand the divisions of responsibility and distribution of assets but will also save you from future complications.

If your liabilities are not well protected

A lawyer is a perfect resource for protecting your liabilities and looking after legal matters. They can help you with delicate issues of debt, litigation, or even immigration.

If you are engaged in a legal battle

If you find yourself in a conflict or a dispute of any unfortunate legal situation that requires negotiation, you must hire an experienced lawyer.

As we calculate the benefits of hiring a lawyer, let’s move on to discuss the ways in which you can choose the best lawyers suited for your business.

Here are some pro-tips that will guide you

Buy curated lawyers email list

Buy a curated lawyers list from a professional database provider

Building a list of all the lawyers that you think can be a part of your business, and then reaching out to them to prospect is time-consuming and inefficient. You might end up getting inaccurate information which could be stale and irresponsive.

When you buy a verified and validated lawyers mailing list from a professional database provider, you ensure that the data you get is effective. It also saves a lot of your marketing time and resources.

You can check our lawyers database which grants access to the real-time insights of 1.75M+ lawyers and attorneys from various countries and firms. You can ask for a free sample or request a customized list as per your requirement.

Here’s great news! Free sample of the lawyers' email list, just a click away.
Free sample of lawyers email list
choose the best lawyer

Choose the best law firm/lawyer

While choosing a lawyer, you have the option to either choose an independent lawyer, or assign your case to a law firm. While independent lawyers are best for startups and budding businesses, a full-service firm is a better choice if your organization has multiple matters to look into.

It is because big law firms have diverse skill sets needed to accommodate all aspects of business law and help you connect with other professionals, vendors, financial institutions, or investors.

Prospect through various nurturing campaigns

Prospect them through various nurturing campaigns

After you source the contact details of lawyers, the second step is to connect with the leads through various online and offline marketing methods. Email marketing, drip campaigns and other lead generating campaigns are the best ways to convert a lead into a sale.

Don’t miss to share all the vital information about your business to help them understand your situation and suggest recommendations. The lawyer best suited for your business will comprehend your situation and provide effective answers to all the queries.

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Learn more about the leads that convert

Once you find the perfect lawyer best suited for your business needs, engage them further to proceed in the sales funnel. Start by getting an insight on the years of relevant experience and areas of expertise of the lawyer.

Please note that the lawyers email address we provide comes with all the relevant insights, which helps you to select your pick faster. Another important question to ask is about the fee structure, and what it includes.

The tips described above can go a long way in finding the right lawyer. Conduct your research smartly, and ask questions so that your brand can enjoy smooth and sustainable growth over the years.

How DataCaptive can find the best lawyer for your business?

DataCaptive is a professional B2B database provider which helps businesses achieve sustainable growth. Our 360-degree data-driven intelligence and solutions enable our clients to identify, connect, nurture and convert high-value prospects through various marketing and sales campaigns.


Services of DataCaptive that you can utilize to find the best lawyers –

1. Reach Engine

An all-inclusive platform for your email marketing needs. Reach Engine is our brand-new platform for email marketing- integrated with human intelligence. Our experts run the campaigns as directed by you. You can also run your email campaigns with your unique access ID.

2. AI generated ICP

An Ideal Customer Profile is great to personalize your marketing campaigns. Our market research analyst investigates your past customer transactions to generate your ICP.

3. Developer API

Developer API allows you to integrate data into your CRM, MA tool, or any other cloud-based system. The API enables a secure user experience and flexible integration.

Wrapping up..

A lawyer is an indispensable part of any business. If you in the lookout for hiring a lawyer to smoothen the functioning of your business, I hope these tips help you hire the best one.


If you have any queries regarding our services, feel free to connect with our business representatives through call, email, or chat. We are happy to address your concerns and deliver the best to you.

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