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6 Rules To Live By While Purchasing B2B Contact Lists

Purchase B2B Contact Lists

Many Businesses striving for better lead quality are looking for customized B2B contact lists. There are numerous contact database vendors that target businesses with amazing videos, demos and claim to offer better solutions.

Here are a few realistic questions for you:

  • Did you ever go wrong in choosing the right contact list database?
  • Have you purchased B2B contact lists and email marketing lists irrelevant to your business?


Although, it is unrealistic to get a perfect contact database, here are a few basic rules to help you in choosing better B2B marketing databases.

1. Check for the data source

Always know that the data is reliably sourced before purchasing the list. This helps you in understanding its importance and also aids timely update of the database. In addition, you have to look for the following five important criteria while purchasing the perfect contact lists for your marketing:

  • Data sources are verified or not
    It is crucial to change your data provider if their answer is ‘no’ to the questions like, how do you retrieve the data? Are the sources really authentic? Once the data source proves to be credible, it is better to find its update frequency. As B2B data changes constantly and it decays at a rate of around 35 percent a year. Hence, it is important to clean and refresh data lists constantly to achieve desired results.
  • Data providers should have the right accreditations
    Data providers should be certified by at least a few acts or associations like Data Protection Act, Direct Marketing Association (DMA). In the UK, it is mandatory for all data providers to register with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to collect data both fairly and lawfully. It would be a good idea to review the provider’s own website for valid postal addresses with phone numbers. A suspicious provider may hide the details, sell contact lists and remain unknown thereafter.
  • Data records are clear & targeted
    Very few data providers work closely with you and aim to deliver data that best fits into your marketing and business goals.
  • Deliverability guarantee
    It is quite unrealistic to attain a 100 percent deliverability guarantee, As various factors affect the outcome. Even then, your data provider should have the potential to reveal valid contact lists.
  • Check phone numbers for TPS & CTPS Suppression
    It is important to verify that data provider shares phone numbers with TPS and CTPS suppression. Since you cannot make calls to these numbers during telemarketing without their specification. Your call to these numbers may charge you a high fine of around 500 thousand euros.

2. Look for specific answers to your questions

A reputed data provider ensures clear information for your queries like authenticity of the data source, frequency of its update, accreditation of data provider, price details, and so on. Enquire for a preview of companies and titles with keywords. Eventually, these questions will help you attain contact lists with the right information for focused marketing campaigns.

3. Ask to create contact list based on your own criteria

Choose a data provider, who has the potential to create contact lists based on the criteria that helps you in reaching your target audience. For example, in the case of B2C, the data is as simple as age, gender, and postal address. However, B2B enterprises need data like turnover, company size, department functions, and much more. Suppose, the received contact list is not accurate you need to enquire about its validity and relevancy.

4. Do not pay for contacts that you own

Always check for repeated contacts, or the contact that you own, although it is not wrong to reach to the same person again, it can harm your reputation. Make a list of duplicate contacts with a unique identification number for each email address and send it to the vendor to de-duplicate it.

5. Examine whether the supplier can improve your campaigns

A Good data provider has the potential to deliver B2B contact lists with in-depth marketing and insight services. This information indicates their acquired knowledge and experience in the relevant industry that, in turn, help your business growth.

6. Do a little research on their success stories

To stay safe in choosing your data provider, check their testimonials and case studies. This information indicates the success stories of other companies who have used effective data from the particular data providers in their campaigns.
Want quality contacts to send across your messages?

Always ensure that you follow these steps while purchasing contact lists, as they serve as a power fuel for your marketing campaigns!

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