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7 Sure Effective Ways to Find Business Owners’ Contacts

Ways To Find Business Owner's Contacts
Looking for business owners’ contacts but don’t know where to find? Collaboration and outreach can often be done with the click of a button, but for that, you need first to find the email address of the decision-makers. Let’s face it every marketer has their holy grail of connections, and reaching out to them is an arduous process.
Connecting with business owners can boost your figures and help you achieve your sales goals, as they are most likely to be your qualified lead. In a B2B scenario, businesses need to prospect to collect company contacts to build leads for marketing purposes. Decision makers are often guarded behind gatekeepers with spam filters and other obstacles. Reaching out to them can be critical for your sales process as you can sell a high-value product or service that meets their needs and earns you the most profit.
Regardless of the reasons, getting the business owner’s contact information can be an opportunity to build more connections with other C-level executives in the industry. Before you reach out to them, consider whether the company is launching a new product, introducing an irresistible sales offer, or hosting a free webinar, as they will only read your email if it includes a good value proposition.
As a B2B sales professional, you may already know that looking for business numbers of professionals will have the most luck in terms of potential customers. This is precisely what this blog will help you find! We are here to guide you with the best ways to see business owners’ contact information, and how to follow up with them effectively.

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Why Is Email the Best Medium to Reach Decision-makers?

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to find decision-makers and the best solution to generate sales. Emails can equip a sales team to contact decision-makers consistently and frequently. According to—a CRM software company—when it comes to C-level executives, 86% of professionals prefer emails while communicating for business. The same study also found that 59% of B2B marketers find emails the most effective channel for revenue generation.

Reach Decision Makers
If a gatekeeper tells you that the best way to reach a prospect is by email, send one. The key to making email marketing work is nailing the introduction, as it can give your lead a reason to engage with your brand. Remember, the best introductions are brief, hyper-personalized, and have content that cuts to the chase. Send a prospecting email introducing your brand, showcasing how your products, as well as services, are the best, and explaining the value you are offering to them.

The easiest way to achieve this is by using a readymade contact database to enrich the data that your sales team already has, verify your contact information and segment the information according to your preference. Once your sales team has exhausted its data, it can opt for a C-level executives email database from companies such as DataCaptive to generate qualified leads and find decision-makers effortlessly.

Why Do You Need to Find Business Owner's Email Addresses?

  • Rectangle-pointer.png
    To generate leads that will most likely convert into customers
  • Rectangle-pointer.png
    To create collaborations or partnerships on specific projects
  • Rectangle-pointer.png
    To recruit a specialist to help develop a product or service
  • Rectangle-pointer.png
    To reduce the chances of being flagged as spam
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    To help in branding and visibility
  • Rectangle-pointer.png
    To instill credibility and trustworthiness
  • Rectangle-pointer.png
    To control and organize your processes
  • Rectangle-pointer.png
    To provide team members are recognized
  • Rectangle-pointer.png
    To increase link-building practices
  • Rectangle-pointer.png
    To increase industry networking
  • Rectangle-pointer.png
    To gain investment opportunities
  • Rectangle-pointer.png
    For word-of-mouth marketing
When any marketer or business plans to get in touch with C-level executives, they may find it difficult. After all, these executives are the busiest people in any industry. Therefore, having a segmented database can be of great help.

7 Ways to Find Business Owner Contacts Effectively

Google Them

One of the first and foremost ways to find business email contacts is to google them. Using google for its intended purpose of collecting accessible information should not be overlooked, especially if the sales reps are looking for business owners. Google will pull up web pages that deliver the prospect’s email address if it is a well-known person. This method will aid the sales team in saving time and effort and allowing them to focus on other essential tasks.
Start by searching (name) + email (or) email address. Even if it does not answer your question, it will present you with web pages related to the prospect. Go through the web pages and search for their contact information. Remember, the more information—company name, geographical location, job title—you include in the search query, the more likely Google will bring up the right prospect.
However, if the person you are searching for has a common name, this strategy can be complex. Therefore, if that combination does not work, you can type some combination given below:
Ways To Find Business Contacts From Google

Call the Company

Look for the business name and phone number in any online phone directory. This tactic is technically like cold calling sent by sales reps to contact individuals who have not expressed interest in their products or services. Look for the company’s toll-free number; an autoresponder will usually answer and give you the options. Note that sometimes there might be a gatekeeper while doing these cold calls. Put forth your best effort to extract as much information as you can.
Having a prewritten and well-planned script before calling prospects can benefit sales reps. Remember not to promote your products directly, which can annoy or confuse them. B2B professionals prefer cold emails over unsolicited phone calls, so you can request the receptionist to pass your email to the company’s decision-makers.
Another option is to contact the main company line and either ask to be connected with the decision maker or the business owner.

Check Their 'Contact Us' Page

One of the easiest ways to find a business owner’s contact information is to check their company’s ‘contact us’ page. A business website is an excellent place to start looking for email addresses, as most companies use this landing page to help customers find and connect with them.
Approximately every company has a contact us page that provides you with contact information or at least a link to their company email. The sales rep can either call them directly or send an inquiry email. There are chances that the person monitoring the page will help you get in touch with the company’s business owners. Some company websites also have an about us or meet our team page, which includes the decision makers’ business emails.
Find Business Owners Contacts From Website Contact Us Page
Another effective method is to fill up a contact form with your name, company name, and other information, and the company will get back to you. Add a message to define why you want to connect with the decision-makers and the value proposition you offer. If the prospect is unavailable, ask if you can have their number and a more convenient time to call back.
If your sales team does not know the name of the business owner, try checking the testimonial page can give you a hint about the name of the business owner.

Use Social Media Pages to Connect

We live in a day and age where most companies have a website and a business profile on social media accounts to interact with followers and clients. Leverage the power of social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Become a part of groups to connect with potential members and establish a healthy connection. Look for the reviews that mention the owner’s name or if the owners have responded to any comment. Another tactic available on some social media sites is the timeline and graph search tool options which will help you find the right decision-maker.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn Pointer
LinkedIn has over 61 million users who are influencers and 40 million decision-making profiles. It provides its users with advanced search options for a company name. You can extract your prospect’s details, such as business phone number, email address, and company address. Send them a direct message but be careful not to make it sound like a sales pitch. Start by giving them a compliment about their latest achievement or funding. And then build a rapport to nurture the relationship with your prospects.

2. Twitter

Twitter Pointer

Many businesses carry out a lot of networking and brand-building through Twitter, making it an excellent platform for looking for emails. All the sales reps have to do is search for their prospect’s Twitter handle, and they can find an email or links associated with them. They can also send them a message inquiring about their work to continue the conversation through email. If you cannot find the contact information in their bio, try looking into their past tweets where they might have shared their phone number.

3. Xing

Xing Pointer
Xing is an online business network platform that sales reps use if their prospects reside in countries such as Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. It is among the best websites to find local business owners as it is very similar to LinkedIn. The platform allows its user to connect with like-minded professionals, search for jobs, and join multiple professional groups. However, unlike LinkedIn, Xing focuses on creating local connections in German-speaking countries.

4. Facebook

Facebook Pointer
Try to look for a branded Facebook page of a particular company that is updated with all sorts of contact details, including name, postal address, email address, and business phone number. Facebook is a B2C platform; therefore, if your team is looking for B2B clients, it is better to opt for Twitter or LinkedIn. Once you find the right business page, head to the ‘about box’ to see if their phone number is listed.

Subscribe to Their Email List

Most B2B businesses develop leads and create new connections by sending newsletters. Email newsletters are one of the best ways to get contact information about a company and its team heads. Check their email signature to see if they listed their phone number next to details like job title, address, and company name, among others.

This is common practice for business professionals; hence, you may be able to find the customer support team’s email address and phone number. It also allows you to reply to them with friendly questions and build a trustful relationship. Start by introducing yourself and the company and ask them to connect you with the prospect you seek.

Invest in a B2B Lead Database Tool

A B2B lead database or prospecting tool is a readymade list that offers a warehouse of information on a company, industry, niche, or even a particular job title. These databases can be accessed for a monthly fee. However, some companies offer a free sample and free options that the team and use and then opt out premium option with better quality data. Having a prospecting list beforehand can help the team outreach the right prospects and achieve all the sales goals.

If your team consistently needs email addresses, this is an intelligent tactic to invest in tools such as DataCaptive, ZoomInfo, Aeroleads, or Hunter. These tools are specially designed for B2B marketers that expect prospecting results in less time and energy. The top tools for finding emails in 2023 are:

1. DataCaptive DataCaptive favicon

DataCaptive is a custom B2B data intelligence provider designed to empower B2B companies with an accurate and real-time verified B2B database. The platform aids B2B companies in building connections with their target market, creating personalized outreach, and supercharging their sales cycle. The business contact list is highly accurate and goes through a 7-tier verification process to help sales reps achieve their goals. DataCaptive data-driven solutions can unlock the growth potential of B2B professionals and help them achieve their sales goals. Get 85% email deliverability and 95% accuracy on data points.

2. AeroLeads AeroLeads favicon

This platform offers authentic phone numbers collected from professional platforms like LinkedIn, Xing, or other websites. By simply uploading the prospect’s or company’s name, you will receive over 15 data points, including full name, job title, location, personal or business emails, and business contact numbers. Its business owners contacts list comes with free chrome plugin, a dedicated LinkedIn email finder, and third-party applications like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho CRM. These readymade lists will aid your sales team can generate highly qualified leads in a matter of short time.

3. ZoomInfo Zoominfo favicon

ZoomInfo is another well-known platform that aids companies in finding emails from business owners and maximizing sales productivity. This platform also integrates common sales, custom technologies, marketing, and recruiting technologies. Databases that contain unique and customized contact information for business owners are not readily available, but ZoomInfo offers more than 50 thousand data points.

4. Voila Norbert voila norbert

Voila Norbert is a highly-rated tool to find prospects’ phone numbers within a few minutes. All sales reps have to do is enter their prospects’ names and company names and hit search. The team will automatically get that prospect’s phone number and email address. It also comes with a chrome plugin that enables users to schedule emails, automate follow-ups, and set reminders. This tool also does its best to fill the gaps in your contact database.

5. Hunter Hunter favicon

Hunter is known for its professional business email address finder, domain search, and verification process. Here the sales team can focus on a business or an individual. It is a platform with countless integrations and hundreds of customizable attributes to build highly effective email lists. Hunter provides its users with options such as a professional business email address finder, a domain search, and a verification process.

6. Lusha Lusha favicon

Lusha offers its users a prospecting platform, an extension, and API, and it comes with as many integrations as you need to make email lookup as simple as possible. The platform can offer contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and business and personal contacts. However, it does have plenty of filters to narrow your searches. You can also build detailed email lists using over a hundred customizable attributes.

Search on Online Directories

Online email directories are platforms designed to store data about millions of people. It can be beneficial to check if they have information on your prospective customers. Sales reps only have to type in the information about the prospect, and the directory will give them a report on the data, including relevant phone numbers. Business listing sites are where many medium and small businesses register for better outreach opportunities, increase domain authority, build brand awareness, and start networking.

These B2B listings will sometimes show the respective prospect website’s link instead of direct phone numbers. Sales reps can then visit their websites directly and get access to the business phone number. Therefore, if sales reps are looking for B2B outreach, then business listing sites like DataCaptive’s Directory will aid your team in finding business owners’ email addresses. This directory allows you to browse companies listed from different industries, irrespective of location across the globe. Any B2B company can easily find their targeted prospects’ business contacts here.


These are some of the tried and tested methods to find the contact information of business owners. The sales team can use manual methods like looking through their social media page or checking their websites. However, if you expect quick results in less time, investing in a business contact database or online phone finder tools is the best option.

Finding an email is vital to an outreach strategy, but it is only half the battle. Consequently, once you have their email addresses, don’t forget to use all-in-one email marketing tools like ReachEngine to create and automate email marketing campaigns. We hope this blog sheds some light on tips to find business owners’ names and contact information.


Some ways to find the email addresses of businesses are:

  • Use Google for its intended purpose  
  • Check their company’s ‘contact us’ page 
  • Leverage the power of B2B social media channels  
  • Subscribe to their email list and look for their email signature 
  • Invest in B2B lead database or prospecting tools  
  • Search on B2B online directories or B2B business listing sites 
Utilize email marketing tools like ReachEngine to create and automate email marketing campaigns. These tools will send out ideally time follow-up emails and even help to track them. This way, you can build a loyal relationship with your target audience.
The best way to get in touch with business owners is to invest in the best tools to find emails on the internet and unearth all the other contact information of the prospects. Having a B2B contact database beforehand can aid the team in outreach the right prospective customers and achieving all the sales goals.
Yes, numerous platforms offer services of providing business owners’ contact information. Those platforms are DataCaptive, ZoomInfo, Uplead, Hunter, AeroLeads, and Lusha. These platforms not only offer you that information but also allow you to customize the data points of your database.
Email databases are among the easiest ways to boost email open rates as it allows you to send perfectly tailored content to the right leads. Therefore, send us your requirements if you are looking for an accurate database.

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