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Generate B2B Leads From B2C Social Media Platforms

Generate B2B leads from B2C social media platforms

Social media marketing is the future of digital marketing and one of the most effective ways to grow a business in the 21st century. But many B2B companies still fail to leverage certain social media to their full capacity to generate B2B leads and revenue. The only reason why B2B marketing is lagging behind B2C is that they don’t adopt new marketing strategies on B2C platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, because they assume that Facebook and Instagram are B2C-only platforms, but in reality, some leading B2B companies are using these channels to target different buyer’s persons.

Generating B2B leads on Facebook and Instagram is not impossible as you can generate leads by implementing the right social media marketing strategies at the right time to the right people. One reason behind this is that LinkedIn, Google, and Twitter have positioned themselves as the best B2B lead generating platform. If your B2B target audience falls under Generation Z or millennials category, then you simply cannot overlook Facebook and Instagram.

This infographic will help devise strategies to generate B2B leads through B2C social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

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Why use Facebook to generate B2B leads?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media channels globally and presents numerous business growth opportunities for B2B brands to generate leads. The channel prioritizes users’ experiences above the common keyword or the other targeting strategies. It acts as an exceptional tool for growing brand awareness and increasing engagement with prospects. The other reasons why Facebook should be used to generate B2B leads are

FB icon 1
Facebook is a perfect place to find new prospects, set campaigns, increase your sales, promote products and services.
FB icon 2
A study proves that business decision-makers spend over 74% more time on Facebook every day compared to other people.
FB icon 3
Facebook B2B ads can fetch you considerably good leads and successfully drive them through the awareness, consideration, and conversion stages of the B2B sales funnel.

Top strategies to generate B2B leads from Facebook

Create quality video content on Facebook

Create quality video content on Facebook

Video as a medium has taken precedence over text and image for being the entertaining content format. Visual medium helps you keep your leads engaged with the content on their newsfeeds, providing marketers with numerous new opportunities. 


People have a short attention span nowadays, and video can help grab their attention and tell a compelling story. Facebook video ads are a good example of how videos can be used for B2B marketing.

tip title
Tips for making videos on Facebook

Use large bold texts and graphics to make it eye-catching.

Include subtitles wherever required to engage with the audience.

Put out webinars or even live product demos on Facebook Live.

Content must be engaging enough to draw the viewers.

Make shorter forms of videos and keep them under a minute.

Provide a compelling offer, sale, deals, or even coupons

Add a catchy title and include CTAs at the right time.

Make use of Facebook watch to deliver video content in a series format.

Make use of Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a place to communicate about shared interests with friends, family, or even potential clients. Facebook Group is a great place to start targeted leads from a particular niche and build industry relationships.
Make the use of Facebook Groups
tip title
Tips for Facebook Groups

You can also create a Facebook group and invite people to form your industry or potential clients and convert them.

Provide value to customers and don’t just advertise your products with links without offering something valuable.

Interacts with other group members and collaborates with people of the same industry to gain more views.

Use Facebook groups to test out your products and services before putting them out on the market.

Remarket to engage with prospects

Remarketing your products and services on Facebook will help you entice potential customers to come back. Retargeting is one of the effective strategies for getting back leads that have the potential to convert into customers.


You can add lead magnets such as guides, webinars, and instructional content to direct people toward your website. Adding calls-to-action (CTAs) buttons can help you optimize lead generation efforts.


Remarket to engage with prospects
tip title

Pages that give B2B companies remarketing opportunities

Pricing Page

Webinar sign up page

In-app cancellation page

Product & feature specific blogs

Check out page

Use Facebook Pixel to drive traffic

Facebook pixel is nothing but a code that you can add to your website to collect data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, create better campaigns, optimize ads, etc. It is also vital to remarket to leads that have already taken some kind of action on your website. But the first thing you need to do here is set a few goals that you want to achieve.
Use Facebook Pixel to drive traffic
tip title

Goals to be set to drive traffic 

Use Facebook Pixel to drive more direct traffic to the landing page of your website.

Make use of the on-site behavioral data to optimize your marketing campaigns.

Direct them toward the right landing page and push them down the B2B sales funnel.

Create B2B conversion campaigns

B2B conversion campaigns on Facebook are specifically designed to make a lead take action, such as completing a download, signing up to your email newsletter, or closing a sale. 


This tactic can help you in the conversion stage of the sale funnel where the buyer’s journey typically ends, though post-sale nurturing is part of some sales funnels.

Create B2B conversion campaigns
tip title

Tips for creating B2B conversion campaigns

Include CTA “sign up” or “Check it out”, which drives users to a landing page to invest.

Be transparent about the value proposition especially, regarding the prices.

Offer free trial for a short duration to allow users to use a product before they purchase or subscribe.

Educate your leads about your products and services by doing product demos, brochures, etc.

Provide a compelling offer, sale, deals, coupons, free trial, sample, or demo so they can get a better idea about your products or services.

Why use Instagram to generate B2B leads?

Instagram is one of the best visual marketing channels that helps any company grow its business. The platform has over a billion users, out of which 90% do follow at least one business profile. Instagram has changed the way social media functions and has also grown its own culture of gifs, memes, stickers, and filters. It also gives you the option to open an official business account and promote your products and services. The platform gives a lot more opportunities for B2C companies, but B2B companies have also started using Instagram to generate B2B leads.

Inst icon 1
With Instagram, you can build a better and more trusting relationship because it is easier to establish a personal connection.
Inst icon 2
In fact, Instagram stories are one of the best ways you can generate B2B leads. More than 70% of Instagram’s one billion users now watch Instagram stories daily.
Inst icon 3

According to a study on social media marketing state that the number of B2B marketers who use Instagram for business promotion has grown from 66% to 71% in one year, while more than 64% of these marketers plan to increase Instagram organic activities.


Discover the 6 Unique Features of Instagram marketing that B2B marketers are using to the fullest to generate B2B leads.

Top strategies to generate B2B leads from Instagram

Make the most out of Instagram Bio

Make the most out of Instagram Bio

Instagram Bio is that one place on the platform that helps people learn more about your company or its products and services. Adding “link in bio” with a clickable URL in the profile section will drive traffic to your website, product page, content, or some other important page.
tip title

Tips for Instagram Bio

Add link magnets to highlight your latest sale, news article, product collection, etc.

It must be relevant to the content in the Instagram post and direct them to the right landing page.

You can promote the products or services on the story or post, and direct them to click the link that is given in the bio.

Link in bio can feel limiting when you want to highlight multiple essential products, posts, and pages, but you can change links every time you launch a product or have an announcement to make.

Interact with the Instagram users directly

Your digital marketing campaigns can only become successful if it manages to engage with your target audience. Interacting with leads will make them think that you care about their needs and requirements. It also helps build a long-lasting and trustful relationship with your customers. You can build an authentic relationship with your followers.

Interact with the Instagram users directly
tip title

Tips to build an authentic relationship with your followers 

Setting up Ask Us Anything Session – This can be done on stories by using the custom stickers for questions and posting your responses to those questions. This will help you educate your users and reach out to potential customers.

Arrange quizzes – Having quizzing sessions is a fun way to test your audience's knowledge about your brand or its products. Since you will offer something in return, it will most definitely grab their attention.

Add sliders or polls – Polls are also another easy way to get an idea of your audience's thoughts about your brand. The data you get from this will help you design better lead generation campaigns.

Leverage Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing has become a popular social media strategy nowadays because of how effective it is to reach the masses. These Instagram influencers can help promote products and services to your targeted audience on behalf of your brand.

Leverage Instagram Influencers
tip title
Tips for Instagram Influencers

An influencer can help you create a more significant, bolder, and much stronger storytelling that will help build trust and create brand awareness.

Choose brand ambassadors or influencers from your niche that can help endorse and promote your brand.

If you have a smaller business, you can reach out to micro-influencers that have fewer followers but have a higher rate of engagement on every post.

Partner with influencers on your Instagram stories and let them take over your stories to generate B2B leads.

Use Instagram stories to their fullest ability

There are said to be over 500 million people that create or watch stories on Instagram. It is also said that businesses generate one-third of the most-viewed Instagram stories. You can use Instagram stories features such as a swipe-up link on your business profile that takes your interested viewers to a landing page.

Use Instagram stories to their fullest ability
tip title

Tips for making attractive Instagram stories

Make your stories into Instagram highlights because visitors can check them out beyond 24 hours time period that stories have.

You can upload different highlights such as FAQs, Product highlights, Meet the team, User-generated content, and Testimonials.

Adding highlights under your bio will helps both followers and visitors discover relevant content quickly.

Give sneak peeks on new products or service launches with countdowns to increase curiosity, anticipation, and excitement.

Use stories to boost your marketing efforts and builds credibility with your audience by sharing customer success stories.

Tell bigger more exciting stories than just regular photos and videos of your products.

Make use of IGTV

Instagram TV, also known as (IGTV) is a feature for sharing and viewing longer video formats. On IGTV you can upload videos that are over an hour long and they won’t disappear after 24 hours. It is a great platform as it offers in-depth tutorials, videos about your product or service, interviews, and tours of your office or work site.
Make use of IGTV
tip title

Importance of IGTV 

Helps you reach out to consumers and build a sense of shared experience and trust.

Since IGTV is less competitive, utilizing IGTV for your brand will help you give what's known as a “first-mover advantage”.

IGTV videos will be available on both the Instagram app and a separate IGTV app.

Help create a positive experience, educate followers and boost engagement.


Before you plan your digital marketing strategy on these platforms, understand your target audience, their needs, pain points, likes, dislikes, and motivators. Remember to add CTA in the right spots, add links in bios, invest in quality, be consistent and stick with your brand. This will help you make a much more devised plan on digital marketing sites like Facebook and Instagram.

We hope you use these tactics to generate B2B leads and traffic to your website from Instagram and Facebook. Happy marketing!

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