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Top 10+ Websites for Buying Quality Leads

Top 10+ Websites for Buying Quality Leads

The path to business growth is directly dependent on generating leads. Acquiring high-quality leads is an efficient way to augment your marketing efforts. Today, we will explore 10+ websites and platforms that can support you in expanding your customer base and enhancing marketing campaigns through a streamlined approach.

1. ZoomInfo:

Competing in the market as a leading B2B database provider, ZoomInfo delivers accurate and up-to-date leads to businesses. With advanced search options, get targeted leads based on firmographics, technographics, industry, and other relevant criteria. Their robust features help businesses identify leads which have the potential to drive revenue. 

Pricing Plan:

Pricing plan available upon request. 

2. Proxycurl:

Proxycurl is an API that provides rich and accurate data on people and companies. It’s powered by a very large dataset consisting of hundreds of millions of different profiles.

While their focus is more on enrichment and their API services, their entire dataset is also currently available for purchase. That may be useful for particularly larger companies.

It’s fully CCPA and GDPR compliant, and there are many different ways of using it between all of its different endpoints. You can automatically build prospecting lists full of thousands of leads.

Using it, you can search for people based on certain criteria and export enriched profiles.

The best part about Proxycurl is you can integrate it into your applications at scale, so if you’re a large business or you employ a software engineer, this could be the right tool for you.

Its pricing starts at $10 for 100 credits, and its Person Search Endpoint (a commonly used endpoint for building prospecting lists) for example starts at 35 credits per successful request.

They also have special rates for signing up for a subscription or bulk usage.

You can learn more information about searching for people and automatically building prospecting lists with Proxycurl here.

3. DataCaptive:

DataCaptive differentiates itself from its market competitors with an innovative approach. They provide high-quality, validated, and authenticated leads across industries and geographies, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and close deals. Coupled with excellent customer service, DataCaptive’s customization service sets them apart from the competition, making them an invaluable resource to enhance sales and marketing.

Pricing Plan:

Essentials:   $749 for 5000 credits 

Plus: $1499 for 12,000 credits 

Professional: $3000 for 30,000 credits 

4. Adapt:

Adapt is a comprehensive B2B data platform to help you find verified email addresses and phone numbers within an extensive database of over 175 million contact profiles. With Adapt, you can create targeted lists, seamlessly integrate with your CRM system, and enhance your lead database. The platform enriches data across more than 25 parameters, including industry, department, job level, and revenue, preventing data decay and efficiency in your outreach efforts.

Pricing Plan: Adapt has flexible pricing on request.

5. Fundz:

By merging real-time, directly sourced business trigger event data with a unique event-first platform, Fundz provides a significant edge in generating very timely b2b leads. The Fundz platform enables customers to quickly identify, engage, and finalize deals post-critical business events – such as new funding rounds, executive hires and acquisitions. Integration with pivotal details like executive contacts, company information, and direct links to company and individual LinkedIn profiles escalates the platform’s effectiveness, enabling sales trigger event prospecting at scale.

6. LeadRebel

LeadRebel is a marketing automation and lead generation software. It is designed to help businesses identify and capture leads that visit their websites. LeadRebel tracks website visitors, provides information about their behavior, and assists in turning these visitors into potential leads for sales and marketing purposes.


LeadRebel is offering features like visitor tracking, lead scoring, email marketing integration, and analytics to help businesses understand their website traffic and convert visitors into potential customers.

Pricing Plan:

Lite: 49€/month for up to 150 monthly leads

Standard: 99€/month for up to 35 daily leads

Premium: 299€/month for up to 90 daily leads

7. Datamatics Business Solutions:

Datamatics Business Solutions Inc. (DBSInc) stands out as a premier B2B data provider in the USA, serving over 2000 clients globally in 120+ countries and 256+ industries. With a substantial repository of 40 million contacts, DBSInc employs cutting-edge technology for DataLabs and a hybrid data cleansing process.

Key features include:

  • B2B custom data & account profiling
  • Data quality management
  • AI-powered data solutions
  • CRM data cleansing
  • 99.8% data delivery on time
  • 99% data accuracy

8. Leadsforce:

Leadsforce dynamic lead generation platform is carefully designed to offer seamless lead management and turbocharge your sales efforts. The leads procured from them aid you in capturing, nurturing, and converting leads efficiently. Advanced analytics and automation capabilities empower your business to optimize the sales pipeline and maximize conversions. 

Pricing Plan:

14-day free trial 

Starter pack: Available at $79/month 

Booster pack: Available at $269/month

9. LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has become a game-changing tool for B2B professionals. It provides unparalleled access to targeted leads thanks to its extensive network, advanced search filters, and recommendations. The capability to identify warm leads and provide valuable insights helps businesses have meaningful conversations and close deals faster, making it a must-have for sales and success. 

Pricing Plan:

Core: $79.99 per user (monthly) 

Advanced: $108.33 per user (monthly) 

Advanced Plus: Starts at $1,600 per year 

10. Kaspr:

Kaspr combines AI technology and human intelligence to offer comprehensive solutions for businesses through B2B leads. Known for its innovative approach, they ensure high-quality leads to optimize sales and achieve greater conversation rates.  

Pricing Plan:

Free Plan: €0 per month (up to 50 credits) 

Start-up: €30 per month (50 credits) 

Enterprise: €45 per month (100 credits) 

Custom: Pricing plan available upon request. 

11. DiscoverOrg:

Going way beyond basic contact details, DiscoverOrg delivers on its promise of valuable insights into various sectors, such as organizational hierarchies, technology usage, and purchase signals. Enriched insights empower appointment setters to personalize outreach and engage with the right decision-makers for successful conversations and growth.

Pricing Plan:

Pricing plan available upon request.

12. Techsalerator:

Standing out among its competitors is Techsalerator, for B2B leads and insights. They offer a comprehensive suite of tools and resources specifically curated to meet the needs of technology sales professionals. They establish the desired competitive edge in the tech sales landscape by providing high-quality leads, sales automation, and CRM integration.  

Pricing Plan:

Pricing plan available upon request. 


These platforms offer businesses the opportunity to economize on the time-consuming lead generating process, regardless of whether they work in real estate, B2B sales, or any other industry. With the aid of follow-up cold calls and emails, these platforms enable you to concentrate on converting leads into customers and giving you the added advantage of easily thriving in the competitive marketplace. This could assist you in acquiring an edge over competitors and ensure that you flourish in a market that is highly profitable. 


Tap into targeted quality leads to maximize ROI and thank us later for the list! 

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