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Celebrating Fourth Of July – B2B Style

4th July Celebrating

The fourth of July is a special day for us. The national holiday brings out the feeling of freedom to Americans – around the world. But what makes it more special is that the 4th of July is being marked by businesses around the globe on their marketing calendars to not be missed out.


Why because today you can run a business from any corner of the world but your marketing strategies need to be adaptable to send across messages to the target audience. Whether it’s B2B or B2C!!!

Corporate American past – before the fourth of July, 1776

America’s commercial past existed long before the Declaration of independence & is a history of entrepreneurship, business & organizations, summed together with responses by critics, consumers & the government. There are several companies who provide products & services, which have started way before Fourth of July, 1776 that are household names.


The legacy they started was cannon-blasted by the followers who have become key institutions in the world economy. Today’s startup enthusiasts & entrepreneurs should take out their word documents & take notes on these pioneers on how they have changed & adapted by staying relevant with the passage of time, depressions, recessions, slumps & war.

The corporate wave – after the fourth of July, 1776

Even though we proved our worth before 1776, when the output of the 13 colonies got 12 times bigger, which gave the colonies an economy that was about 30% of the size of Britain- then, it was after Independence that organizations could take pride in being true American corporates.


The time period was also perfect for the growth of a new nation’s economy as scientific thinking & discoveries in various areas were similar to the advancements that Greeks had in the days of Aristotle. The invention of the steam engine by James Watt between 1763 & 1775 and the classic book by Adam Smith- “The Wealth of Nations”, published in 1776 also paved for the boost of businesses which eventually led to economic development of our country.

The period after the Civil War was dominated by the first giant corporations, railroads & economization of oil & electricity and most states also allowed free incorporation & required only simple registrations. America was also the only major industrial power that was not devastated after 1945. Corporations in America grew without major challenges for decades in the most amazing manner ever until Japanese and German corporations rose up in the 1980s & 90s.


Corporates have played an indispensable, sometimes controversial, role in the cultural, political & economic identity of the United States. The corporate structure provided easy access to capital & business development to the country which was one of the driving forces behind our Industrial Revolution. Our economy, today, proudly boasts a wide range of enterprises that range from one-person sole proprietorships to some of the world’s largest corporations because of our past. Even though corporations existed outside America even before the colonization, no country took to corporate development like America.

Marketing campaigns – Fourth of July

Well, in our country holidays means profit…especially 4th of July. $7.1 billion was spent by Americans all over the country last year & the number is expected to be higher this year. It is a great time for marketers to strengthen company scales, inbound marketing options & spending options. Also, as marketers, it’s our job grab consumer attention, convince them in the best way possible & even make them smile or laugh this Fourth of July.


So it’s going to be a big mistake if you are not making use of Independence Day for marketing along with celebrating it. This is because what other way is there to remind consumers about the ultimate freedom – The freedom to buy whatever they want.


As with the other major holidays, there are few best practices that we marketers can implement this Fourth of July. But before that, it’s important to establish certain ground rules.


  • Lots of extra time is not needed in holiday marketing. Work like usual & add July Fourth themed elements to your current programs.
  • Don’t go crazy & spend all your money. Implement & execute your July Fourth campaigns on a budget that is not expensive.
  • It doesn’t matter what business you are in. The focus here is “Fourth of July”.

Quick marketing tips – for this Fourth of July

Holiday themed content

Ensure your content writer is brewing up holiday-themed content which you can use for content marketing before & after the holiday. The content that is curated should relate to the holiday & also add value to your target audience.

Design – Bring out your inner red, blue & white

Ensure to put in affordable graphics & design elements on your site, social media accounts, email campaigns & so forth. Sometimes it’s amazing that something as simple as this will aid you in connecting with the audience.

Make use of paid advertising campaigns

Again, keep an eye over your budget. What should be focused on is in picking up a strategy & ensuring that the campaign is themed until the holiday is over.

Watch the trends

Research thoroughly before the holiday, so that you will have time in planning appropriately. This technique will also enable you to get inspiration or ideas that are relevant & popular.

Retarget & reach smartly

Technology has enabled us, marketers, to use the advertising technique of retargeting which uses cookies to track audience who have visited your website earlier & market to them as they continue to browse the internet. You can use this technique to market your messages regarding holiday discounts & other specials but keep in mind that these ads are more conspicuous – so apply frequency clapping to not to annoy your future customers on July 4th.

Don’t forget to make use of good old Email Marketing

A creative & smart email marketing campaign run this period might be your ultimate answer to pass your messages to your customers who are probably be preparing to enjoy the fireworks. Even though your consumers will be on a vacation mode, there will be still some amount of traction that can be gained from campaigns that connects with the emotion of the occasion while promoting your brand, products or services.


What you have to focus is on personalizing it, scheduling smartly, identifying the marketing purpose & getting to the point and keeping it crisp. When done right, you can expect a bang out of your email marketing.

Want quality contacts to send across your messages this Fourth of July

Time to wave the flag along with marketing

Whether it’s content marketing, social media marketing or the other methods- execute it with a holiday strategy. Also, do not forget to mobile-optimize your digital campaigns for easy engagement because many of your consumers will be traveling this Fourth of July.


While getting ready to implement all these techniques do not forget about the holiday spirit. So, keep your marketing simple & light and do not forget to enjoy your holidays.


Happy Fourth of July.


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