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Go Creative This St. Patrick’s Day With Your Content Marketing

St. Patrick’s day

When we think of St. Patrick’s Day, we are reminded of green beer, mouth-watering treats, and St. Patriick’s day parade and which now has turned into a field day for any marketers out there!

Be creative, and go green on St. Patrick’s Day which falls on 17th March. Many establishments come up with a diverse and inventive set of ideas. From businesses creating greeting cards to clothing, it can be a huge occasion for them whether they are a big or a small company. Such occasions might make any B2C or B2B marketer integrate themes in their content marketing strategies that resonate with the audience.

Let’s begin with some facts about the Irish holiday:

Content marketing ideas for St. Patrick's Day

Add some content focusing on St. Patrick’s Day to your website

You can include content-themed around the celebration. The simplest thing you can do is to put your keyword as St. Patrick or St. Patrick’s Day and include those elements which resonate with the visitors on your website or your social media handle. You can pitch in your products and services too.

Content marketing ideas - St. Patrick's Day

Add a splash of Green to your social media accounts

Advertise your holiday offers through various social media channels of your company; post creative photos or short format content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn [maintain a little bit of a formality over here].


Brand awareness is everything for a business- learn more about it in this article.

Social media marketing - St. Patrick's Day

Create a catchy hashtag challenge

Invite customers to share the pictures concerning St. Patrick’s Day and engage them by giving away exclusive prizes which can include free EBooks etc. Use appropriate hashtags to get your posts ranked within Instagram or Twitter.
Hashtag challenge - St. Patrick's Day

Talk about sale

You can design templates that talk about sales which you can advertise on your website through pop-up content. Add a section in the pop-up where the visitors can type in their emails and sign-up accordingly. Make sure to create something really appealing.

St.Patrick's Day super sale

Include Irish Music in your business videos

Music makes the world unite. You can include Irish music in the short videos or tutorials that you want to post on your site or YouTube account. A specific group of existing customers/ new visitors may find them engaging.

Irish Music - St. Patrick's Day

Share visual content

“We are visual creatures, Visual things stay put, whereas sounds fade.” – Steven Pinker.
Build some creative graphics which are colorful and unique. Share inspirational quotes, tips, and tricks about the holiday on official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages; these tactics help to make your feeds more colorful and attentive. You can put hyperlinks that redirect your visitors to the necessary landing pages of your business.

Design a photo article

Photos are a great way to share stories. By taking holiday-themed images, place them together in a blog to represent the outlook that comes with your brand.


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Share a how-to video

Let the theme be St. Patrick’s holiday; you can show how to prepare corned beef and cabbage or prepare a homemade shamrock hat, etc.

E-mail newsletter

Let the weekend e-mail newsletter be holiday-themed- include artistic and engaging articles in it.

Email Newsletter - St. Patrick's Day

Challenges faced in marketing campaigns during St. Patrick's Day

Fear of pushing sales and discounts

During holidays it’s important to focus on brand awareness, not sales. To make sales on St. Patrick’s Day is like tailoring the information to reflect holiday or attention. Be intelligent enough to pitch in your services along with the offers that you make to your audience.

Going overboard with planning

A marketing campaign can sometimes go overboard on planning. Preparing ourselves for any situation and working accordingly is good. However, planning too many things and taking too much time with little or no action does not make sense- 80% of the things might be in your mind while 20% may be the actual action taken.


Plan a great email marketing campaign with databases of qualified leads. Get them now.

Increasing competition

Unfortunately, there is intense competition as audiences need constant attention- People prefer content that is unique and worthwhile and marketers really need to catch up on their instincts to put across appealing content on St. Patrick’s Day.

Being patient

It takes a lot of time to see actual conversions from a marketing campaign and the best thing for a B2B marketer is to be patient- which is not easy. You would be sending whitepapers or ebooks for free to both your new and old subscribers as an offer for the holiday season and not getting back a response is the stake to be worried about. Being patient would be the only mantra for you.


Holiday seasons are great for marketers as people would already be very excited about them, and the one thing that they need to do would be to pitch in their business in an appropriate and intelligent way. Things may not seem very viable for B2B marketers at times, but they are exploring opportunities that come along the way during such holidays as St. Patrick’s Day nowadays.


Do you have anything to share about St. Patrick’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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