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Top 8 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Check This Holiday Season (2021)

holiday season Christmas marketing ideas

The Christmas season is the most awaited time of the year for the consumers and the companies likewise making it the most crucial sales period. In most industries, December is the month that generates the highest sales, simply because of its festive nature of gifting friends and family.


Christmas themed marketing campaigns have become very popular over the years, as companies around the world invest their time and money into coming up with top-notch marketing campaigns.

The marketing industry like other industries takes advantage of this global festive season and applies it into increasing their sales. During the Christmas or Thanksgiving holidays there is a steady increase in online shopping, researching, and spending by customers. Some companies are also known to generate over 50-80% of their sales during this period.


However, one of the biggest challenges that marketers face during the holiday season is that they are forced to contend with rising ad spend, while the average order value stays the same. 

Another thing we have to take into consideration is the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the marketing industry and how it has changed the consumer’s behavior and habits over the past two years.


With Christmas just around the corner, you will need to start planning your marketing strategy for the holiday season way early in August. The marketing strategies below will help you broaden your brand awareness, get more leads, boost your sales and revenue.

marketing channels use for end-of-year holiday promotions

Here are our top 8 Christmas marketing recommendations

1. Implement a Christmas email drip campaign

Email marketing is the second top-performing medium for driving holiday sales.


According to a report from Emarsys, over 80% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) prefer to use email as a tool to acquire new customers and retain their existing customers.


One of the best ways to take advantage of the holiday season is to set up an email drip campaign that can include offers or discounts for the Christmas season.

Every year during the holiday season, businesses around the world send shoppers various offers through the mail. Consumers check their inbox frequently to avail the most value for money offers of the holiday season. Sending out emails with limited period offers or a seasonal product line will encourage the shoppers and land additional sales.


Promotional campaigns will help you attain a steady track record in terms of delivering an ROI. You should target your audience based on their online activity and engagement with your brand. Leverage the email subject line, CTAs, and email copy to increase conversions.

There are some points you need to remember while creating an email drip campaign for Christmas:

Merry Chirstmas Sale

2. Free shipping or delivery is a must during holidays

Free shipping has become the gold standard for Christmas, as customers expect free shipping, especially during the holiday season.


While a study done by NRF says that over 75% of consumers expect delivery to be free even if their orders are under $50.


Since the customer is looking for a competitor for that incentive, you should provide them with a faster and more hassle-free delivery process.

Free shipping along with additional offers is what attracts your new and existing customers to purchase your products and increase your sales. Make sure the offer is clear and in bold so it attracts more attention, for example: “Get free shipping if you spend over $75.”


You can also adjust the pricing of the product or service to absorb the cost of shipping. Don’t worry, because the slight price increase will be overlooked if the customer sees the words “free shipping worldwide”. Another important tip is that you have to offer free shipping until the last possible date, so it can attract last-minute buyers.

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According to a survey done by Shippo, more than 34% of the shoppers prefer to purchase a product or service only if the online retailer offers free shipping.

3. Create social media campaigns

Make sure social media is part of your plan because it is one of the most effective channels to increase your leads. Social media is one of the best platforms when it comes to generating engagement and driving sales, especially during the holiday season. You have to design a Christmas-themed social media campaign with Christmas-related hashtags and user-generated content.

In 2018, the companies were known to spend over $27 billion on social media marketing campaigns and also allocated over 25% of their annual budget for social media marketing only during the holiday season. The perfect Christmas social media post should be unique, interactive, and further shareable.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow businesses to market their products and services to a wider customer base at a limited cost. You can also take the help of influencers as consumers are more attracted to the product ads they see amongst their influencers rather than posting it on the newsfeed.


With the arrival of Covid 19, consumers have shifted to shopping online and this has turned social media into an advertising platform. With the help of social media platforms, you can get creative in reaching your target audience during the holidays.

According to a study done by the ODM group, over 74% of consumers make purchasing decisions using social media.

Get started with these marketing ideas for Christmas

4. Make use of videos

As mentioned above, adding videos to email or social media campaigns is extremely essential. Video marketing is considered a revolutionary marketing strategy that should be used during the holiday season. This is because consumers prefer watching short videos compared to just images or emails.

It is observed that more than 90% of the users believe that videos are the main motivators behind their purchase decision. Videos can help you increase your brand awareness and engagement, and eventually lead to more sales.

Your videos don’t need to be high-budget product trailers, they simply have to show your products and services in the best light. And if you are making videos especially for the Christmas season, remember to have it in a holiday theme with added discounts or other benefits.

Christmas Video Marketing Sale

5. Start your marketing campaign early

The biggest tip to remember while creating a holiday-based marketing campaign is to start your campaign as early as August or September. Making a seasonal marketing campaign requires a lot of research and time to plan, test, and set out. You need to analyze your historical performance, target audience, industry trends, etc to understand what works the best.

Planning early can also help you check if you have enough resources to perform those tasks. Many potential customers are prone to shopping early for the Christmas holidays, the brand needs to work hard to capture this audience by sending out holiday marketing campaigns and seasonal offers well ahead of time. If your target audience sees an advertisement of your exciting limited period offers earlier on, they will be motivated to purchase your products.


Starting early also gives you advantages such as making adjustments and improvising the campaign based on the results over time. It also allows you to run a marketing campaign way before the holiday season to help create a customer base that is aware of your brand and products.

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While starting your Christmas marketing early, you need to build your email subscription list, identify your target audience and also understand their wants and needs.

6. Create Paid Ads for Christmas

Pay-per-click advertising is currently one of the most effective marketing techniques. If you want to have a successful Christmas-related PPC campaign, you need to set your goals, know your target audience, know what product or service you want to promote. You also need to create a well-designed Christmas advertisement and use target keywords to get a higher ranking on search engines.

Google Ads is the most ideal way to reach out to your shoppers because most consumers prefer to use Google to find new items or products. Another advantage of advertising on Google ads is that you can reach more people on different platforms like YouTube, Gmail, and Maps.


Besides Google, you can also try putting out paid ads on Facebook or Instagram. You will only have to pay a certain amount for every click on a link that a campaign or ad generates. The cost can also depend on factors such as the size of your target audience and how competitive your keywords are.


Paid ads must include beautiful visuals with irresistible value propositions to skyrocket your holiday sales. But during Christmas, you need to adjust your keywords on the results of the PPC campaign and remember to research in detail and test it out.

7. Offer free deals or bundle offers

In a time where customers prefer to shop online, while constantly searching for mega sales. This is why you need to provide price-sensitive shoppers with a discount, promo code, gifts, or anything valuable to potential customers.


According to a survey done by Global Web Index, one out of three respondents said that they prefer to wait for products to be on promotion, discount, or sale before making their purchase.

This method is effective especially during holidays because most of the potential customers are shopping for gifts for others and themselves. And what attracts them is the added incentives your brand will offer only for a limited period during the holidays.


Another amazing Christmas marketing strategy is to bundle products at a certain price to increase the perceived value of the items. This strategy can be made more effective by offering limited period discounts on the bundled items.


It is one of the fastest ways to increase your average cart spend as well as your conversion rate. For example, if you are selling a Kitchen knife set you can also add in a knife sharpener making it a bundle, and sell it at a discounted price. With this marketing strategy, you can motivate shoppers to not only buy your product or services but also motivate them to spend more.


Remember that Christmas is a time of giving, so by giving more offers you can amplify your sales during this time of year.

8. Create a cohesive Christmas theme on your website

It is important to design a Cohesive Christmas theme till the holiday campaign gets over. The Festive visuals such as bags of presents, Christmas trees, and Christmas decorations can be used not only in your emails but also on the landing pages of your website. You can also include banners with wishes for “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”.

This will increase the engagement of customers and also show them your appreciation. During the holiday season, it is always nice to change your website’s image into visuals that impersonate the Christmas spirit. It’s all about creating a stable brand identity, which, in the holiday season can help you foster your target audience.


The changes can be made not in visuals but also in font, color, and design of the website to make it more attractive during the Christmas season. You can design a central theme on your social media pages, website, email, etc to provide your customers an overall Christmas experience. Using Gifs and Memes in your email or social media pages will make it fun to interact with the target audience.


Adding Christmas visuals will excite your potential customers during their Christmas shopping and create a sense of urgency making the customers purchase your products or services.


There you have it! These 8 marketing ideas will help you generate more sales and increase traffic during the holiday season. You can implement these strategies in marketing campaigns and offer your potential customers an all-around Christmas experience.


Hope these ideas help you keep your sales flowing into the next year. So, what are you waiting for, start planning your Christmas marketing campaigns today!


Merry Christmas!

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