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Datanyze Alternative – Datacaptive

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Without data, you are just another person with an opinion – – W. Edwards Deming, American Engineer

As the amount of data generated is considerably increasing over time, accessing the same has become more complex. Specialized database solution providers like DataCaptive, Zoominfo, Discoverorg, and Insideview have come up to answer the sudden data influx in the B2B industry.
 We spoke about the checklist that you must consider before choosing a database service provider in our last blog. We compared two of the most prominent brands in the industry- DataCaptive and D&B Hoovers.



In yet another epic battle, we have brought to you another comparison, DataCaptive vs. Datanyze. As earlier, we have considered just the brands’ respective websites to make the comparisons and ignored reviews, blogs, articles, and any other content to avoid any inaccuracy.

We battled with the biggest fish in the market- Zoominfo!

Interested to know what we found?

DataCaptive, in its mission statement, states that it aspires to empower businesses and help them achieve sustainable growth through its 360-degree database solutions. It also enables them to identify, connect, nurture and convert their high-value prospects with insights-driven marketing and sales campaigns.


Datanyze, on the other hand, is primarily a technographic tool offering technology tracking, predictive insights, and prospecting capabilities that help businesses target high-intent prospects solely based on buyer-technology interactions. ZoomInfo acquired Datanyze, and since Zoominfo is owned by DiscoverOrg, their current owner is Henry Schuck.

While comparing both the brands, we found some striking differences in the following fields. Thus, we have developed the differences based on them. Let’s read on-




  • Contact and company data from 50+ industries
  • Data enrichment



  • Technology industry database
  • Data enrichment
  • Technology Tracking
  • Dashboard creation and activity dashboard
  • Ad-hoc and customizable reporting


Subscription plan and pricing

  • Pay when you buy


Subscription plan and pricing

  • Nyze Lite – 90-day free trial option
  • Nyze Pro


Data Processing

  • AI and manually verified.
  • Place your request,and the database is emailed in .xls or .csv file in


Data Processing

  • Have a Google Chrome extension
  • Export profiles directly online


Data Compliance



Data Compliance

  • GDPR and CCPA


Data Counts

  • 97M+ company profiles
  • 98M+ emails
  • 65M+ phone numbers
  • 5M+ C-level contacts


Data Counts

  • 63M+ direct dials
  • 84M+ email addresses
  • 120M+ People


Data Source

  • Manual sourcing from several online and offline sources


Data Source

  • Obtains technographic data through in-house processes but rely on third-party vendors like CrunchBase for firmographic data


Data Verification

  • Both AI and manual verification
  • 7-step elaborate process


Data Verification

  • No relevant information is mentioned on the website regarding data verification.

Let’s discuss more-

Data counts

DataCaptive has an enormous number in terms of contact information. With over 97M+ company profiles, 98M+ emails, 65M+ phone numbers, 5M+ C-level contacts, DataCaptive ideally meets the expectation of “Reach more, sell more.”


On the contrary, Datanyze displays 63M+ direct dials, 84M+ email addresses, and 120M+ people on their website.

DataCaptive seems like a better alternative if you are looking for more significant numbers!

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Data compliance

The practice of data compliance ensures that all the data is organized and managed in a specific way to enable organizations to meet enterprise business rules along with legal and governmental regulations.


DataCaptive complies with five global and local data policies. Here’s what they say-

These are what the data policies mean-

The General Data Protection Regulation is a data protection and privacy regulation in EU law in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). GDPR addresses personal data transfer outside the EU and EEA areas to give individuals control over their data.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a state law launched to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection for California residents.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is an Australian Government statutory authority which regulates, set and manage rules about communications and media services and markets.

The European Data Protection Supervisor is an independent supervisory authority that ensures that all European institutions respect the right to privacy when they process personal data.

The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing act of 2003 establishes the national standards for sending commercial e-mail and requires the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to enforce its provisions.

On the other hand, Datanyze adheres to just two data compliance policies.

This makes DataCaptive the safer B2B database provider for lead generation.

Fact: that might interest you-

Scams increased by 400% over March 2020, making COVID-19 the most prominent security threat. Now, 52% of legal and compliance leaders are concerned about third-party cyber risks due to remote work.

Subscription plans and Pricing

Depending upon the size of a company, the budget, expectations, execution process, and database requirement vary for each company.


We understand that the same plan size does not fit every business. Hence, we customize the pricing policies solely based on the customer’s requirement.


Our pricing depends upon the volume and complexity of the data you customize. You can always reach out to us to know more about our product or call us on 1-800-523-1387 for any assistance.


However, the story for Datanyze is different altogether.

As mentioned on their website, they have two plans- Nyze Lite and Nyze Pro. Nyze Lite is a 90-day free trial option that does not require a payment option and gives users free credits, which you can use to acquire contact information through the Datanyze Google Chrome extension or Datanyze Directories.


Users that sign up for Nyze Lite receive ten credits monthly for three months. If they do not upgrade their plan at the end of three months, they lose access to the data. ‘Nyze Pro’ users receive 90 credits a month.


While the subscription plan is well thought, it leaves little room for manual intervention. They do not provide an option for businesses who want a smaller quantity of data, receive inaccurate data, or want the data for more than a month but less than a year. The pricing policy and subscription plan are too rigid for the customer to leverage it effectively.

You said that right. DataCaptive is a feasible option!

Data sourcing

The sources from where data is sourced is the most important factor about any database company. The sources make or break the data! If the database source is illegal and the processing unethical, the entire quality of the database degrades. We source our database from credible and trustworthy sources only. Our in-house data experts collect the data from various online and offline sources.


Datanyze, being a technographic tool primarily, obtains its technographic data through in-house processes. But for the primary firmographic data, they rely on third-party vendors like CrunchBase.

Data verification

Data verification is an integral part of ensuring the accuracy of the database. The databases in DataCaptive undergo strict data verification processes. The data is verified and validated by our in-house data scientists manually and using an AI tool also. We include elaborate processes like Syntax check, Gibberish check, domain existence check, MX record check, Catch all domains check, SMTP authentication , and free email check.


Datanyze doesn’t mention anything about their verification or validation process. However, according to average user reviews, Datanyze’s information was 90% accurate, but we are not sure about this. We are not considering anything other than the content self-published on the website.

By the way, are you wondering how to keep your contact database clean? Here’s a detailed guide to help you out!

Data processing

The most startling difference between the two brands remains how they process their database to make it user-friendly. While DataCaptive is more manual, with an API platform, Datanyze is entirely automatic.


Based on the DataCaptive website, the first step is to reach out to them ‘manually’ and brief them about your needs. The data scientists curate a customized database and assist you with what’s best for your brand. The records are precise, and you can go ahead to purchase the same if the sample database suits your needs.


Datanyze has a Google Chrome Extension, which keeps prospecting a new database. You can export profiles directly from the extension and attain contact information like email addresses, direct dial, and mobile numbers straight from LinkedIn profiles and company websites without leaving your browser.


With the Google Chrome Extension, Datanyze users can directly access contact and company data from the places they prospect most in real-time.

What does that mean in terms of B2B lead generation?

While DataCaptive delivers a more customized and curated email database, Datanyze’s database is automatically generated, which has not much scope of being unique.


We provide a plethora of other database services that enable users to find 360-degree business solutions under one umbrella. Our services include data enrichment, leading to better lead nurturing, enhanced lead management, and improved sales.


Do you know that DataCaptive’s 360-degree database solutions can help you prospect leads 4X faster ? It has exclusive technology data that is a search engine designed solely to help you locate and mine your preference’s tech data. It is a quick search.


The custom tool enables you to connect with your tech audience based on your ideal preference of demographic, firmographic, and tech-based intent data across the globe.


However, on the contrary, Datanyze is a pure technographic tool with services like technology tracking, predictive insights, and prospecting capabilities, dashboard creation, and ad-hoc and customizable reporting.

However, on the contrary, Datanyze is a pure technographic tool with services like technology tracking, predictive insights, and prospecting capabilities, dashboard creation, and ad-hoc and customizable reporting.


They mention a series of upcoming features that will help users seamlessly manage and export contact lists, search and connect with prospects at scale and provide Datanyze to your entire sales team.


Despite a plethora of services, Datanyze seems to excel in offering everything under one roof and instead curate services that one may or may not need, which might not necessarily lead to more lead generation.

Leverage data counts of 36M+ tech users from 170+ countries

DataCaptive focuses on providing a more customer-friendly service.

We also noticed some additional features that set DataCaptive apart from Datanyze in the game. Here’s what we are talking about-

DataCaptive’s exclusive features


In our pursuit of excellence, we have succeeded in delivering the best than some of the biggest names in the industry.

So, in conclusion,

DataCaptive seems like a more feasible alternative to Datanyze for B2B lead generation. It has more benefits than Datanyze in terms of data counts, verification process, range of database, accuracy, and pricing.


We hope this article has been beneficial to you to decide the best database service provider. Leave your thoughts and comments down below.

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