DataCaptive vs. D&B Hoovers
The best choice for marketing your brand
In this article, we are going to compare the brands DataCaptive and D&B Hoovers based on these factors –
Data Accuracy
Data Verification & Cleansing
Data Sourcing
Data Specialty
Data Compliance
Guarantee Policy
Considering that the factors mentioned above act as a mandatory checklist to tick before buying a service from a database provider, we will be giving you the best alternative towards the end. Some of the less considered factors are customer reviews, blogs, and other online content.
Bet you’re interested to know who won!
Today, many companies are leveraging professional database providers’ services to accelerate sales, enhance go-to-market activities, and increase global business growth. Database service providers ensure that information is well protected by adhering to various compliance policies for operational productivity, storage standardization, and data security. They provide a safe environment by establishing backup and recovery procedures.
Introducing DataCaptive and D&B Hoovers
DataCaptive™ a subsidiary of Spokesly, is known to provide an innovative business solution, and it is backed with high-end technology. It was established to provide high-quality B2B customer and company databases to empower the functioning of data-driven solutions. Since its inception, it has enabled companies to achieve sustainable growth through enhanced multi-channel marketing campaigns and personalized lead engagement. It is an excellent service if you are looking to identify, connect, nurture and convert your high-value prospects through innovative B2B solutions.

On the other hand, Dun & Bradstreet Hoovers, also known as D&B Hoovers, provide sales acceleration solutions by leveraging data and analytics delivered through the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud. They also offer a unique DUNS number that can be used to search for a database or create a DUN file as a sign of your authenticity and help others locate you. Thus, D&B Hoovers mostly provide the database of companies that have registered a DUNS number, and this is done through a cloud-based platform with little to no manual intervention.

Both the brands seem to know their field of expertise. However, as a customer, which one will give you maximum benefits? Which is the one that you must opt for to make global sales and increase your ROI?

To answer pertinent questions like this, we are dissecting the factors that a company must consider before investing in any database solution. Let’s understand the strength of both brands in this blog.

It is no brainer that only accurate data rules. Inaccurate data is synonymous with being data less. Thus, it is essential to evaluate the accuracy of the information you are purchasing and ensure high quality.

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DataCaptive provides only an authentic database, the accuracy of which is maintained by a stringent 7-tier verification process. This process includes a strict manual verification through which the in-house data experts rule out the anomalies left behind by the AI tools. It further goes ahead to mention that the database undergoes significant changes and updates every 45 days. Such stringent updates are enough to guarantee 100% accuracy of the contact information provided.
In contrast, D&B Hoovers leverages machine learning/artificial intelligence, along with the latest statistical technologies and methodologies, to build a high-performing database. Due to the lack of manual verification, the database they offer might not be 100% accurate. Also, since their database is mostly saved on Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network (WWN), one can question the data’s authenticity depending on factors like updating and validation.
Our take
AI and manual verification.

Completely dependent on AI tools only.

The sources from which you collate the data speak a lot of the database itself. Authentic data sources provide reliable and credible information that increases the value of the database manifold.
DataCaptive sources its database from multiple registered online and offline sources and government and private portals. These sources vary depending upon the industry sector, sub-industry, job titles, and other defining factors. Some of the sources are corporate fairs and events, government records, yellow pages, email subscriptions, publications, magazines, and journals.
D&B Hoovers sources its database from the Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network, a partnership of the world’s leading business information providers located across the globe. These partners provide local presence and expertise in their respective countries. This shows that they rely on third parties for the sourcing of the database. This reliance may indirectly impact the sourcing and the accuracy of the whole database. Besides publishing information through the D&B Hoovers product, information is also distributed via data feeds and third-party licensing agreements.
Our take
Collates the data from various online, offline, government, and non-government sources.
First-hand sourcing of database.
Collates data from the Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network (a partnership of the world’s leading business information providers).
Rely on third parties for the database.

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Data compliance is integral for any company’s smooth functioning, as it ensures the database’s safety and security. Compliance also ensures that a company doesn’t misuse the information. This increases the brand’s trust factor on the internet, lowering its spam and bounce rate on promotional content.
DataCaptive adheres to global and local data policies like – GDPR, CAN-SPAM, ANTI CAN-SPAM, CCPA, ACMS, and EDPS. Strict compliance with these policies ensures the data is highly secured and kept away from potential digital threats.
On the contrary, D&B Hoovers does mention that they follow strict data governance and quality standards but do not say what all data policies they comply with except for the GDPR. Hence, the question of data safety and security remains a question.
Our take
Strict adherence to policies like – GDPR, CAN-SPAM, ANTI CAN-SPAM, CCPA, ACMS, and EDPS.
Follow strict data governance and quality standards, but do not mention all the laws they comply with except for the GDPR.
Verification and Cleansing
Data cleansing is an integral part of running successful database services. With the amount of data that is created every second, database providers need to be very adept with their data cleansing and verification process.
DataCaptive follows a strict data verification and validation process. The elaborate process ensures the information stored in the master database is clean, current, and validated.
On the other hand, D&B Hoovers doesn’t specify any data cleansing or verification process, although they mention that they source the database after following all the necessary guidelines.

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Our take
Follows a strict process of manual and AI data verification and validation process apart from the 7-tier verification.
They clean the data. However, they don’t specify any data cleansing, or verification process followed.
The specialty of a database provider is critical to consider before making a decision. This is because it will ensure the database’s quality and guarantee how fruitful the post-sales service or expert opinion is.
DataCaptive provides B2B company and contact database from 50+ industry sectors and 170+ countries. The database from DataCaptive comprises 97M+ company profiles, 98M+ business email IDs, 65M+ phone numbers, and 5M+ contacts of C-level executives, which enriches your branding campaigns and engages your customers with your brand leading to more sales and ROI.
DataCaptive also offers many other data enrichment services like data cleansing, data verification, data validation, and data appending. Our Developer API allows clients to integrate the data functionality into any CRM, marketing automation, or other cloud-based tools.
Contrary to this, D&B Hoovers provides data and analytics information on companies and industries through their online platform named Hoover’s and other integrated workflow solutions. The entire processing is automatic with no manual intervention. They offer additional services related to finance, sales and marketing, enterprise analysis, manage master data, risk management, and more.
Our take
Specializes in providing niche B2B contact and company database, offering a 360-degree sales and marketing solution for better sales.
Provides other services like data cleansing, data verification, data validation, and data appending. It also has an API that allows clients to integrate data into any CRM, marketing automation, or other cloud-based tools.
Apt for professionals who want to revolutionize their sales and marketing approach by more data-driven solutions like ABM campaigns, drip campaigns, email campaigns, etc.
Provides data and analytics information on companies and industries.
Provide additional services related to finance, sales and marketing, enterprise analysis, manage master data, risk management, and more.


Apt for database management and analysis. It is suitable for companies seeking a more advanced marketing approach, data analysis, financial management, and other similar aspects.
While DataCaptive has a more niche approach to database marketing, D&B Hoovers offers a broader aspect to customer and CRM data management, thus catering to different audiences.

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Plans and pricing
Depending upon the size of a company or the campaign’s reach, each company’s requirement varies from the other. The same plan size would not fit every other organization in the market.
With DataCaptive, customers have the flexibility to define their preferences while choosing our services. They can modify their choice of plans, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their subscription anytime they want. No questions asked! We want to make sure that the customers have a hassle-free experience with our services.
In D&B Hoovers, subscriptions are sold primarily to sales, marketing, and business development professionals seeking prospects’ contact information. The database is used for lead generation, outreach, prepping for sales calls, researching companies, being alerted to leadership changes, and acquiring new customers for at least twelve months. There is no much clarity on the process to unsubscribe/delete or discontinue your DUNS number!
Our take
Flexible and customizable plans- you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscriptions, anywhere and anytime!
Subscriptions are sold primarily to sales, marketing, and business development professionals. There is no much clarity on the process to unsubscribe/delete or discontinue your DUNS number.
Some other factors that we noticed giving you an advantage over D&B Hoovers:
Opt-in contactsDataCaptive’s references, listed in the database, have opted to receive promotional messages from third parties, reducing the possibility of your emails being marked spam or bouncing back.
Customizable information– DataCaptive allows you to segment your dataset from 50+ intelligence fields. You can narrow down the search criteria to target niche audiences from more than 170+ countries.
95% deliverability on email campaigns– DataCaptive provides all relevant and necessary details you require to prospect better. Though it is tough to keep up with constant changes, the data is always verified and validated to maintain 95% guaranteed deliverability.
So, in conclusion
AI and manual verification for data accuracy.
Source data from various online and offline sources.
Flexible subscription plan.
Opt-in contacts and easy opt-out process.
AI verified data. No manual verification.
Source data from Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network.
No clear information about the plans.
No clear information about opting out from the DUNS number.

You might not take long to decide which data service provider won this time!

DataCaptive is your one-stop destination and is perfectly curated, keeping in mind the customer needs and brand requirements.
We hope you found this information helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Feel free to write to us about topics you want to read.