Zillions of people nowadays want Sales Intelligence software to help them out with data segmentation or filtering, industry research availability, and search.
The crux of the difficulty is to find out if the software is for you or not! Hence, to make it easy for you, we have articulated every little detail explaining to you what and how you can do better for your business.
Before getting into the particulars, let us have a look at what HG Insights and its competitor – DataCaptive does!

We won, ZoomInfo lost. Seriously!

HG Insights is a global leader in technology intelligence in today’s scenario. It implements various effective data science methodologies to process billions of unstructured digital documents to yield the best technology installation information, IT spend and contract intelligence. It provides vital information that you can use to out-market, out-sell, and out-grow your competition.

On the other hand, DataCaptive is a premium brand that provides technographic data, company and contact database with innovative solutions backed with high-end technology. We have served 2000+ customers globally with our data-driven solutions and have been serving excellence since 5+ years of industry experience.

Company profiles


Phone numbers

C-level contacts
Our data stands by the values, integrity, perseverance, transparency, and commitment. Also, our data intensifies the success rate of your multi-channel campaigns, promoting personalized lead engagement, customer acquisition, retention, and many more. Our business model and process aim to satisfy our customer requirements continually and add value to their operations, productivity, and efficiency.
With DataCaptive, you can:
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Locate, target, and prospect leads from 170+ countries


Design and execute ABM and multi-channel campaigns 


Connect with old leads and building a profitable customer relationship 


Analyze the marketing for product development and sales campaign


Strengthen lead engagement, customer acquisition, retention, and more

We empower businesses to identify, connect, nurture, and convert their high-ticket prospects with our database solutions.
Ever wondered why you should keep your database clean?
HG Insights
Targeting by Installed Technologies
Predictive Analysis
Competitive Intelligence
Business Modelling
Territory Management
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One-stop solution for all marketing concerns
Technographic data along with company and contact database is provided
AI verification followed by a manual quality check
Extra benefits with bonus features and guarantee policies
The most accurate and authentic, customizable mailing lists with a double opt-in process.
Why choose DataCaptive?
Every organization in B2B marketing would see the requirement of a contact database at one or the other stage of their journey towards achieving success.

DataCaptive is your one-stop solution for all your marketing concerns. With 5+ years of experience and a record of serving 2000+ customers globally, DataCaptive stands as one of the best and premium brands of technographic and contact database providers.

Our data collection process involves elaborative mining of data through credible data sources.

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Our data is subjected to rigorous quality checks with AI and human intelligence. We strictly follow global data policies such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI-CAN-SPAM. Ensuring 95% accuracy, each of our customers can outreach their business goals with our contact database.

At DataCaptive, we always strive to build the best data list that could help you identify, attract, acquire, retain, and improve customer interaction. We also take guided measures to protect our data from any privacy violations or data leakage.

We follow an update frequency of 45 days religiously so that our customers do not miss out on bagging prospective potential customers. Our double opt-in process makes sure that only contacts interested in doing business with you are registered and added to our mailing lists.

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Learn more about the opt-in process!
Our data
DataCaptive obeys a strict 7-step verification process to ensure that the data is accurate and sales-intended.
Our products
Our data strictly follows data policies like – GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI-CAN-SPAM. We safeguard our data from any data leakage and privacy violations.
You get the most acceptable serving self-hosted email marketing software to fulfill your email marketing needs. All our services come with the best features that are available nowhere else in the market. Not just that, you also can avail of email campaigning services, email templates, and many more to enhance your email marketing processes and outcomes.
DataCaptive’s developer API eases data integration into their CRM tools for its customers.
Our lead generation services help you in
• Increasing your upselling and cross-selling opportunities
• Generating website traffic
• Connecting with target audiences
• Identifying and prioritizing leads
• Amplifying your sales pipelines
• Promoting customer interaction
With DataCaptive, you can target your high-value prospects and close deals with them in just one-click.

Everything you should know about Account-Based Marketing.

DataCaptive provides enriched lead information and offers a better customer experience based on the lead intelligence accumulated.
Connect to prospective conversions, utilize our key insights to build your business empire, and get integrated lead intelligence to qualify leads.

All the mentioned pointers are the extra benefits you can obtain from DataCaptive, whereas HG Insights does not offer any such features.

We also have extra features that you should know:

First email campaign for 100% free
Yes, every customer that buys our contact data is eligible for a free email campaign for the first time. It is 100% free of cost and beneficial for you. You can understand our data’s efficiency and bag high-ticket leads that can close deals with you.
Complaint-status tracker
DataCaptive has a complaint-tracking system for the customer’s advantage. Register a ticket with your concern and track its status!
Our customers

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Guarantee policies
95 deliverability guarantee

95% email deliverability guarantee

Delivering 100% while change is constant is a little impractical. People keep changing their companies, job positions, phone numbers, email addresses and might even get relocated, due to which this industry, in general, will not be able to deliver 100%. However, we verify, validate, and keep our information list updated every 45 days to ensure your list is highly responsive.
Bounce back guarantee

Since we guarantee 95% email deliverability, we ensure you are satisfied with the contact data we provide. We do not wish to disappoint you with our services, but in case of any disfunction, send us a report showing the hard bounce rate, and we will provide you with absolutely fresh and free data credits to make sure you get what we guarantee. It’s as simple as you think!

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stood as the best alternative to
We are concerned about our services and do not want to charge you unnecessarily. We verify our contacts and share only updated lists, yet there might be room for mistakes. Hard bounces and invalid contacts will be replaced with immediate effect. We also provide credits to you. In case you still aren’t satisfied with it, we will refund your money for all invalid contacts.
Best price guarantee
Best price

95% email deliverability and the best prices in the market. We want our customers to get the best benefits and maintain a long-term relationship. Our services are client-oriented, and customers who buy our databases get offers and discounts regularly. Since every customer is precious to us, we make sure they are highly satisfied and feel that our services are worthy of their pay.

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With a vast range of services and flexible, customized mailing lists, a consistent update frequency, 7-tier verification process, double opt-in check, extra features, and the best set of guarantee policies, DataCaptive stands as the best alternative of HG Insights.

360-degree database solutions for smarter marketing campaigns- just a click away!

We hope you find this information helpful. Tell us how you liked it in the comment section below.