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Top 8 Email Marketing Practices That Drives Sales & ROI

Top Email Marketing Practices to improve sales

Over the years, email marketing has grown to become one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. It now serves as the primary component for generating leads and converting prospects. Email marketing has been so successful because it is personal and a direct channel of communication between the company and its leads. The main goal of email marketing is that it helps you build a relationship with your leads and nurture them till they become your customers.

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According to marketing research done by Ascend2, over 82% of companies depend on email marketing to bring in sales.

Companies across different industries implement email marketing practices because it has many advantages such as being cost-effective, can be personalized, increasing engagement, and growth in ROI.

Remember that this medium may be old but it still is the most terrific way to generate ROI, revenue, and sales. Email marketing is not rocket science, you can master basic techniques and strategies to bring in leads, but to convert those leads into your customer, now that requires you to know and understand the trending strategies.

But achieving such success can be challenging as you have to keep your potential customers wanting more with good quality and unique content and incentivize them to stay subscribed to your email list.

So, before we get into the best email marketing practices of 2022, let’s understand email marketing and its benefits.

Email marketing in 2022

Email marketing is the act of sending targeted messages to potential customers or leads. Email marketing can be utilized for sending advertisements, promotions, offers or deals, business requests, or solicit sales or donations. These targeted emails are known to have a massive ROI, this means that a company can make more money from your email marketing campaigns than compared to other mediums.

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According to a study by Statista, the number of mobile internet users is said to increase to a whopping 5 billion by 2025, which constitutes over 60% of the world’s population.

“Another research also found that over 95% of consumers check their email every day.”


So, if your emails have an attractive subject line, there’s a high probability of them clicking on it. Based on these statistics, you can understand why email marketing is not going to go away anytime soon.

It doesn’t matter if you are a B2C or a B2B company, you need to learn how to grow, nurture, and profit from your email list. An email marketing campaign must have a defined goal, should focus on building trust, driving sales, increase the CTR of the company’s website and its products. In order for your email campaign to be successful, you need to know a few basic tips on writing a good email: 

Most effective email marketing practices for 2022

1. Send welcome emails

Welcome emails are the first email communication you have with your potential customers or leads. These emails are also called the onboarding emails as it is what you send while taking confirmation for subscription, or to develop interaction with your leads. This email is the first impression or interaction that any brand makes with its new customers, blog, or newsletter subscribers.

After a lead signs up or subscribes to your blog or newsletter, a welcome email will reassure them that the signup worked and that the information is on its way. Welcome emails are known to have the highest delivery, open, and click-through rates, which is why they are the most effective message you can send on email.

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According to a Hive, welcome emails are capable of generating over 91.43% open rates and up to 26.9% click-through rate.

You can also use welcome emails to clean your email list of the unresponsive leads and also to improve your email deliverability. Your welcome email is even more effective by offering something valuable or exclusive at the start of their journey. Here is a tip for you, start by reintroducing products and services or your business to the existing customers and let them know what they can expect from you in future emails.  

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2. Optimize your emails for Mobile

We currently live mobile-first world, where smart devices like smartphones have become a vital part of our everyday lives.

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According to a study, over 61% of emails are opened on mobile devices, while another “Consumer Adoption And Usage Study” done by Adestra concluded that, 71.6% of consumers delete emails if they don’t render properly on mobile.

Now, this must give an idea of how important it is to optimize emails for mobiles. This does not only include the content, but also the design, images, and videos that you may have added to your emails. Everything must fit the mobile screen correctly! Doing this will help you improve the effectiveness of your campaign and turn mobile email into a successful revenue stream.  

Optimize Email for Mobile
You can make this procedure easy by making use of a mobile-responsive design that adapts to varying screen sizes. Here are a few things you must remember while optimizing emails for mobiles: 

3. Add personalized elements to your emails

Personalization is a process that helps marketers use the personal information they have acquired from their leads to produce targeted emails. Customers usually expect to receive relevant content that matches their taste, that is why these emails make the customers feel like the content is tailor-made for them.

Personalized email helps you increase email marketing metrics like open rates and drive revenue to over 760%.

Giving your leads individual treatment makes them feel like VIPs and increases the trust quotient, which is not possible with mass messaging. The first step you do is collect the basic data of your leads such as their name, number, geography, and keep track of the customer journey. You can use automation tools to configure the greeting of your email campaign, this way the tool automatically sends an email with the names of the leads on your email list.

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According to Email automation statistics, 1.75% of the email revenue comes from personalized email marketing campaigns.

Personalizing the greeting of your emails with your lead’s first name will grab their attention to click the email and check out the content.

Here are a few ways you can add personalized elements to your emails:

4. Time your emails right

The right timing is one of the most important email marketing strategies that must be implemented. Here’s an example, if you send an email at 3:00 in the morning, your lead will not open the email because they will be sleeping at that time and the email will go to waste.

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According to the book The Science of Marketing, written by Dan Zarella, you can achieve the highest open rates if you send emails at 6:00 am.

People are also known to respond to emails between 7 and 10 p.m. as it is the time people get off their work. Remember to avoid sending emails on Mondays because it is the start of the week and people may be busy, while Tuesday is said to be a good day to engage with recipients. The time can also vary depending on the locations, industries, and audiences, but you can set the time and day on optimization algorithms so you don’t forget to send it.  

Another element you should keep in mind is the right frequency of sending emails in a month or a week. According to a study, email marketers that send only one newsletter per week get the highest average open and click-through rate. Do not over email, because it can lead to being put in spam, decreased engagement, higher bounce rates, more complaints, increased number of unsubscribes, and many more.  

5. A/B test your email

It is the most important step of any email marketing campaign that should not be skipped. Most people do understand what A/B testing is, A/B testing is a process of sending one variation of your campaign to a small group of your subscribers and sending another set of email variations to yet another small group of subscribers.  

This allows you to find out which variation of the campaign gets the best results. The things you must test before sending out your emails are pre-header text, subject lines, sending time and variation, images or email copy, CTA placements or subscribe buttons, etc. Even the topmost email marketers check their email marketing tactics relentlessly.

Testing will also reduce down minor grammatical errors or even inaccurate personalization. Based on the imputes you receive, you can use it to change, modify or upgrade every other part of your email campaign. Don’t forget to check your metrics, as your open and conversation rates are essential while you’re testing your emails.

Email Campaign Test

6. Add a compelling subject line

The subject line is the most important part of your marketing emails, as it is what creates the first impression in the minds of your recipients, on whether or not they want to open your emails. According to studies, over 50% of subscribers decide to open an email based on the email subject line. Your email subject line must be creative, attractive, and compelling enough that it will draw attention and make the recipient click open the email to check its contents.

The first thing you should do while creating an email subject line is should be brief and descriptive, also create a sense of urgency. Your subject line also sets the stage for the first line that usually appears in the preview text on all email platforms. A good subject line is always under 30 to 50 characters including the spaces, so don’t forget to check it before sending emails. A subject line must give you a basic indication of what to expect once they open your email.

The three things that a recipient always checks for are the sender’s name, subject line, and the pre-header, so you cannot go wrong with these 3 elements. It is also very important to A/B test your subject lines. Making subject lines can get difficult as there is a lot of competition, so be creative, unique, use personalization like adding names, and adding emojis. You can also use power words, questions, idioms, small quotes, etc just make sure it’s appealing to your target audience.

Here are a few you should not do while writing email subject lines:

7. Send emails with the discount, sale, or free shipping

Every customer love sale, it doesn’t matter which industry you belong to sale is mandatory to do increase revenue. A promo email is a type of email that is used by marketers to advertise their products, upcoming sales, offers, discounts, deals, and promotions. Promotional emails can be sent in different forms and the most well-known promo emails are weekly newsletter emails, customer retention emails, and discount emails.

You can also bundle two products and sell those as a new offer. Another important thing that will work is offering free shipping as that is now considered as a golden criterion for the customer while shopping. Offering a discount or coupon code will get your audience excited and will motivate them to make a purchase. Create a theme for these sales, like a holiday or end-of-season clearance, etc.

You can also reward your subscribers with special, exclusive, or limited period offers or discounts and make them feel like a VIP.

Here are some tips you should use while writing promo emails:

Creative email with discount sale or free shipping details

8. Share the new product or service arrivals

Whenever you are launching a new product or service, you have to send out emails as it will build curiosity in the minds of your customers. Product launches are also a great reason to reach out to your customers and build engagement. These emails can be sent to both existing and new customers as it helps increase the amount of traffic to your website.

While telling them about your latest arrivals, makes sure you sent it to people that are most likely looking forwards to it. Add key details such as what it is, how it benefits them, launch date, etc, so the audience knows basic information about your new product or service. Add images or informative videos about the product and service to ramp up the excitement. You can also send countdown emails or email that showcases your latest wares.

Here are a few ideas you can try adding while sending product arrival emails:

Receive more insights on email marketing, learn new strategies and campaigns.

For more such interesting Blogs, Infographics, eBooks, etc.

The Takeaways

Email marketing is an old yet most reliable and faithful tool for a marketer. It not only increases your ROI, sales, and revenue but also helps you make the most out of your marketing initiatives. While coming up with an email campaign make sure to be creative, information, clear and concise.


Remember that email marketing must not be a hassle, all you need to do is practice your email marketing strategies and tools, perfect them along the way.


Just apply the tips and strategies we have mentioned above if you want your emails to stand out, get delivered, and be acted upon. We hope that our blog helps you achieve great results.


Happy Marketing!!

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