Month: December 2017

Boost your sales with these B2B sales questions

Every business needs to sell their products/services for generating revenue. No matter how good your product is, it’s never going to make you money unless a sales personnel sells it for you. That has been the way of trade since its inception. Sales has the power to change conditions, to transform a situation through the skills of a sales person unlike marketing which needs to work with situations as they are. In a general sense, sales is about persuasion & action: whether it’s B2C or B2B sales Business to business (B2B) sales is a sales model that involves one...

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10 Awesome Tweetable B2B Marketing Brands

Marketing has always been the game of attracting the audience. It is the process through which the value of product/service is communicated to customers. Even though the practice of marketing has been known to mankind since the origin of civilization, the term started being in use only since the late nineteenth century. Having its humble origins through word-of-mouth, marketing is today an advanced blend of strategy & technology. It’s because in marketing- you either adapt or die. Whether it’s print, radio, television or internet brands have been taking advantage of available mediums to communicate their ideas to the targeted...

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What to Expect From Web Design in 2018

As we head into 2018, it’s time to look forward and consider some of the more popular design trends that will become commonplace. Many elements, mechanics and concepts were introduced or perfected throughout 2017 and will continue to take precedence in the years ahead. Mobile and responsive design especially are now favoring higher-quality visuals, animation and even alluring typography. What is happening on the whole? What is it you will absolutely have to be onboard with as we enter the new year? Mobile Is the Priority – Back in 2016, mobile internet traffic surpassed that of desktop for the...

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5 Simple SEO strategies to help improve your Google ranking Post

Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO is one of the most effective, and affordable marketing methods today. With nothing more than your own time and effort, you can follow optimize and improve your website so that Google sees it as more valuable and presents it higher in searches. The result is more organic traffic from people who actually search for topics related to your website, and thus are potential customers and prospects of yours. Search engine optimisation doesn’t have to cost a single dollar, and that’s also the reason why it is growing in popularity. However, what you...

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How To Choose the Database Technology for your mobile apps

The modern-day market has been taken over by the Smartphones manufactured by various companies.  With the invention of such a magnificent useful device, there is a certain need for some apps which can make this Smartphone a complete package. This takes us down to the next scenario! Nowadays consumers are massively reliant on their mobile apps. Each day, thousands of apps are downloaded from different app markets and are used extensively on daily basis. If these apps were not useful, no one would be using them. Every one of us agrees that Internet has become a necessity of great...

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