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How To Use B2B Database: An Ultimate Guide

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Data is the heart and soul of marketing, of late. Success or failure of marketing campaigns is highly dependent on the quality of data.


While the B2C marketers are well versed with the usage of data, B2B marketers are still getting accustomed to this new trend. Many B2B marketers still harbor the fear of using a B2B Database.

In case, you too are one among them, then don’t worry! Here is an ultimate guide that is aimed at educating you on the usage of B2B Database, from the scratch.

Download the PDF Version Of This Guide. Want to save this guide for later? You can download the PDF for free.

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customer engagement

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Why b2b database?

Imagine you are a part of a music troop. Would you prefer playing melodious music to those who only love rock music?

Definitely not!


Put a B2B marketer in the place of a music troop. Will you sell surgical equipments to a technology professional?

Of course not! Right ?


What’s the similarity between both the cases ?
Well, it’s all about not knowing your audience, isn’t it ?
What if you knew your audience ?
It would have been a completely different scenario !
Your target audience would have been thoroughly impressed by you, right ?
And this is exactly where a B2B Database comes into picture !

B2B Database helps you to know your audience. It gives you a complete picture of your target customers. Thereby helping you to strategize your marketing efforts, accordingly. 

A well-qualified B2B marketing database helps you to connect with your target customers. Also, it aids you in receiving a response that you expect from your clients.


Here is an ultimate guide that helps you to use your B2B Database efficiently.

Learn how essential a B2B Database is for modern marketers.

Let’s start from the basics.

B2B database

What is b2b database

B2B Database is a compilation of contact details of your prospect customers. B2B Mailing List, B2B Contact List, B2B Email List, B2B Datasets and B2B Directory are some of the other names for a B2B List. The right B2B Dataset is a scientific toolkit for businesses hoping to achieve higher customer engagement.


B2B Database is mostly centered on the firmographic details of the target audience. Firmographic details here, is nothing but the descriptive attributes of firms where the potential customers work.

There are two main types of B2B Database. In-house B2B Database and Purchased B2B Database

In-house B2B Database

In-house B2B Database is a compilation of customer details, built by a firm internally. It mainly consists of contact details of current and past customers. These lists/ databases are not purchased from third-party data vendors but are maintained/collected by organizations themselves.


While opting for an in-house database, it is essential for companies to maintain data hygiene (The process of eliminating inaccuracy and duplicate content from a database is called data hygiene). Organizations can also outsource their lists and save their efforts spent on maintaining hygiene.

Additional read
Jeff Bullas, the famous online marketing influencer and digital marketing expert talks about commonly made mistakes while building a mailing database.

Purchased B2B Database

Purchased B2B Database or a Purchased Mailing List is a contact directory that has been bought from an external data vendor. A purchased or rented mailing list is a much economically viable option than that of building an in-house list.


There are two types of Purchased B2B Database. They are as discussed below.

Response List

A response database consists of contact details of customers who have enquired or purchased products and services, similar to that of yours. It has contact information of your prospects from a specific organization or industry.

Response Lists are much expensive when compared to the Compiled Lists.


Compiled List

Compiled Database is a list of potential customers who are likely to purchase your products or services. These lists are economical and generate lower returns than response lists.


B2B data vendors prepare contact lists from a wide range of data sources.

Data sources of a Compiled B2B List

Data vendors collect B2B Lists from a diverse variety of online and offline sources.

data sources of a compiled b2b List 1

Now comes the most important aspect of this blog. Let’s dive into the topic of purchasing the
right B2B Database and its effective usage.

Buying b2b database

Purchasing v/s building a b2b database

It’s an ongoing debate, whether to build or buy B2B Database. Organizations that rely on purchased mailing lists are increasing on a daily basis. But Digital marketing experts like Neil Patel lay much emphasis on building your own mailing lists. If you still prefer to go ahead with this idea, then you can refer this link for more guidance. Also, here is a prospecting platform that is highly relevant, in case you are planning to build your own list. Building a mailing list is a pain-stacking task. It consumes a lot of time and resources. But if you want to take up an economically viable and a much quicker option, then you can always buy B2B Data. Purchasing a dataset saves your time and helps you to create new avenues for lead generation. Are you still confused to make a choice between building and buying buying B2B Data?

Go through the below link, it might help you to arrive at a conclusion.

Why should you buy a B2B Database?

  • Expands your market reach overnight
  • Helps to reach your prospects
  • Gives access to customized contacts
  • Strengthens your customer relationship
  • Supports you in building a brand image

Downsides associated with buying of B2B Database?

  • Turns your campaign into a spam
  • Minimal chances of getting qualified prospects
  • More chances to get invalid or dead Emails

There are certain precautionary measures to take before you buy a B2B Database

  • Know your data vendor – Check on their work records
  • Investigate before you invest- Beware of overpricing & hidden costs
  • Ask for a sample list -Verify authenticity of database before purchasing
  • Mention your specifications clearly to get a customized list of your choice
  • Ensure the data is verified and validated
  • Assure the list is CAN-SPAM & GDPR  compliant


Be aware of the pricing!
The cost of a B2B Database is directly proportional to its quality. It’s one of the most crucial parameters that organizations must pay attention to. On an average, Email marketing lists cost anywhere between $99 -$600 for every 1,000 Email addresses.

Be sure that you follow these directives while purchasing a B2B Database

Once you have purchased the list, the next step is to start your Email marketing. But before setting foot into that sphere, you must be aware with some basic Email ethics. You must know what works and what doesn’t! What’s permissible and what’s not! Our next chapter throws more light on this aspect.

Practice consent-based campaigns with your b2b database

Buy permission-based b2b database

It’s wrong to get inside a room without knocking the door. Similarly, it’s wrong to bother your customers with unnecessary mails, when they haven’t consented to receive any Emails from your end.


Remember, just like anyone of us, your customer would never appreciate anyone breaking his/ her privacy.

Here is a small sneak peek on the aspects that you must keep in mind before sending Emails.


What is permissible? and what’s not?
The below two scenarios must help you to get a better picture on it.

Sending a thank you message


Sending newsletters or promotional content



Ensure you enquire your data service providers about the compliant and non-compliant aspects before making any purchase.


So, the key here is to ensure that the B2B Database that you buy is consent-based or matches the legitimate interest of your customers! Wondering what exactly is legitimate interest? Well, read on to know the answer.

Do you want your customers to find you for all good reasons? Follow these GDPR rules

What is legitimate interest?

Legitimate interest is an acceptable alternative to express consent or opt-in. It applies to your interest or interest of the third party who is receiving the data or both. Legitimate interest mostly applies to corporate subscribers. Corporate subscribers include employees of companies or local authorities.


There is a significant debate on the definition of legitimate interest. The core of legitimate interest revolves around the fact that it does not disturb the privacy of an individual.
Personal data can be used for marketing purposes only when there is legitimate interest. Legitimate interest can be considered appropriate only when it serves the below three aspects.


  • When the data usage does not hamper customers’ privacy
  • Data processing offers a clear benefit to customers
  • When the customer or the data owner is most unlikely to object

The data that you procure or prepare must be in tune with compliance laws. If not, you are sure to get into a lot of legal tangles.GDPR compliance is of utmost importance to maintain data quality. Make sure you abide by all the below mentioned conditions, so that your list is legally qualified.

Guidelines to ensure your list is GDPR compliant


Free checklist Is your data vendor offering complaint database services? Find it with a click.

Your compliance with GDPR guidelines has an impact on your sender score.  Wondering what exactly is a sender score? Read on, to know more.

Sender Score 

Sender score is a numerical figure that reflects your sender reputation. It is a score that is given to your IP address, based on various factors. The sender score is between 0 and 100. It reveals how your IP address is viewed by mailbox providers. A high sender score is above 80 and a good one is 70. A week sender score is anything below 70.


Sender score is determined based on the following factors.


You can measure your sender score with a free tool provided by  Return Path.


While we dealt with the aspects that needs to be kept in mind while preparing your own B2B Database, in this chapter. We will discuss the crucial factors that have to be taken into consideration while selecting a B2B data vendor in our next section.

Why should I follow the CAN-SPAM and GDPR laws?

Selecting your b2b data vendors

When you decide to buy B2B Database, it is important to ensure that you choose a strategic data vendor who meets your business requirements, aptly. Given the number of options available in the market, it is no easy task to choose the right data service provider. Well! Before selecting your data vendor, make sure that they answer all your queries.


Here are some questions that you should ask your data vendor before making a purchase decision.

Questions that must be posed to your data vendors


The aforementioned questions also serve as guidelines in making the right choice with respect to selecting your data vendor. But where and how do you buy B2B Database? Read on, to know more.

Where to buy a B2B Data? 

Almost 88% of companies enhance their customer understanding and reach out to their prospects with the help of a purchased database. (2015, Global Data-Driven marketing survey, Forbes)


The statistics mentioned above is self-explanatory to the extent of dependence on third-party data, by most companies. Below is a list of companies that offer authentic B2B Datasets.

  • Thomson Data
  • ZoomInfo
  •  InfoUSA
  • D & B Hoovers
  • Salesgenie
  • LeadGenius
  • Insideview
  • Synthio

DataCaptive is one of the pioneers in data services industry. They offer authentic B2B marketing and sales lists to various industries, to best suit their business requirement.


DataCaptive provides an opportunity to make single-window B2B Data purchase. Beyond purchasing and using our list for your campaigns, you can even resell it with your partners or associates.


Well! If you already have a list, then you can send your list for data management services. Our data management services help you to maintain the authenticity of the lists.


In case you are apprehensive about spending more on mailing lists, then you can follow the  alternatives  suggested by  Lauren Smith.


Want to try the services from DataCaptive? Read on, to find out how to purchase and use DataCaptive’s mailing addresses list.

How to use b2b database purchased from Datacaptive?

From the above chapters it is clear that before purchasing a B2B Database you must conduct a thorough research. It is necessary to ensure that the purchased mailing lists serve the purpose of helping you to reach out to your prospects.


DataCaptive has been providing quality data management services to various businesses, across the globe. If you think that our data would benefit you, try our data services by following the simple guidelines, mentioned below.

How to buy B2B Data from DataCaptive?

STEP 1: Visit to


STEP 2: Give your details, clearly state your requirement and get the best customized list of your choice.

  • Fill your details like name, phone number and business Email accurately. This helps our business representatives to establish contact with you.
  • Mention your data requirements clearly. You can narrow your target list by asking for specific customizations. Attributes that can be taken into consideration while making specifications include: Job title, Location and Company size.

Once you have placed the order with clear specifications, our data experts start collating your list. They send it to you in the specified timeframe, in easily downloadable formats like .xls or .csv.


You can also request for a free quote or demo, even before your actual B2B Data purchase. Or you can also call us directly on 1-800-523-1387, to connect with our business representatives.


Now comes the most crucial part of knowing how to use the data that you have purchased from DataCaptive. Read on, to launch your marketing campaigns like a pro.

How to use the purchased B2B Database for your campaigns?

Data has entered every nook and corner of the business arena today. Modern marketers are highly dependent on data to formulate their marketing and sales strategies.

How are companies building their businesses around data?

Your marketing success is highly dependent on how you use the purchased list for your campaigns. Here are a few guidelines on how you can use your dataset to launch multiple campaigns.

Multi-channel marketing

Multi-channel marketing refers to conducting of marketing campaigns across various communication channels.

Examples of multi-channel marketing are:

Multi Channel Market

However, the primary modes of campaign still remain to be Email marketing and Social media marketing.

Email marketing

Though Email marketing might be considered as old school, it is still the preferred choice of modern marketers. Once you buy B2B Data, you can use it to send marketing messages to your prospects.


You can send educative contents that are useful to your clients, along with the mail. Also, ensure that the marketing message that you send is not too long or boring. It must be short, crisp and direct.


Note: It is important to have a clear understanding about your prospects before deciding on the content that has to be sent to your clients.


Did you know?

According to Co-schedule, Tuesdays and Thursdays are considered as the best days of the week to send Emails. Also, 10 am and 11 am is the best time to send your mails.

How is B2B Database crucial for Email marketing?

Social media marketing

There are about 3.48 billion social media users in the world. The population of social media users grew by 9% globally, when compared to last year. Such is the magnitude by which social media is occupying a prominence in today’s business arena.


According to a 2017 survey by Smart Insights, 63% of companies attempt to reach their prospects via social media channels. Also, 90% of social media users utilize the medium to communicate with big brands or businesses.


Social media marketing is the norm of the day and if you are still not employing it in your marketing campaigns, then you need to give a serious thought about it! Social media marketing is crucial to gain more leads and to expand your customer base.


LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the three social media platforms that B2B marketers use regularly. Mobile marketing is also an emerging trend. It is gaining prominence of late. After Facebook and LinkedIn, it’s mobile marketing that the modern marketers are obsessed with.

AI is revolutionizing Email and social media marketing efforts

How to use purchased Email lists from DataCaptive for multi-channel marketing campaigns?


The above flowchart gives you a clear picture on how to use a purchased B2B Database for Email and social media campaigning. DataCaptive provides authentic datasets that helps you in boosting your marketing and sales campaigns. Once you get your customized list, use it to send marketing Emails to your prospects. If you get positive responses from your prospects, move on to the next level.


If not, change your game plan and launch social media marketing campaigns. With the help of our dataset, you would be able to launch marketing campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter easily.


But if social media campaign too fails to yield any results, then you can resort to re-marketing. This, will be followed by direct mail marketing and tele-marketing campaigns.


This is the very advantage of buying B2B Database. You can use it across various channels and achieve success in one mode or the other.


Among all the social-media sites, LinkedIn is the most preferred channel among the business fraternity. You can use LinkedIn to connect with your target customers. Here are a few steps that helps you to achieve it.

Finding your prospects through LinkedIn prospecting

  • Log on to
  • Log into your account
  • Click on ‘My Network’ tab on the right corner of the menu bar
  • Click ‘more options’ and a new screen appears
  • Click upload icon and upload the file that you bought from DataCaptive. Check whether the LinkedIn profiles match the information in your dataset.
  • Send marketing messages to your prospects via LinkedIn.

Whatever be the scenario, Email has always been the marketers’ favorite mode of campaign. wondering why?

What would you do if you are still not satisfied with the result yielded by Email and social media campaigns? Well, don’t worry, you still have two more strategies that you can bank on. And this happens only when you buy a reliable database from DataCaptive.

Direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing involves creating and sending marketing materials to prospects via postal mails. Direct mail marketing is a good option for businesses that sell products and services. Here are a few examples that you can imitate while sending mails to your prospective buyers.


  • Direct mail postcards
  • Direct mail letters
  • Catalogs and booklets
  • Circulars, wraps and inserts
  • Parcels and dimensional mailers


According to, 78% of decision makers attend an event or give appointment only after receiving a cold-call or an Email. This proves that though telemarketing is not a preferred choice, it still manages to achieve leads.


It is important to keep in mind that while trying to reach out to key decision makers, telemarketing might not be the preferred choice. This is because of the simple reason that they just aren’t free enough to attend marketing calls. So, remember telemarketing must be one of your last resorts.

Are you involved in B2B Tech marketing? Here are some effective strategies for you to succeed in it


Well, after all the above explanations, I am sure you will not do the mistake of selling surgical equipments to technology professionals, will you?

Whether you decide to build or buy B2B Database, I am sure this blog was informative to you in adopting both measures.


In case you decided to buy your B2B Database from DataCaptive, then click here for easy access to authentic and verified lists.


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What was your best and worst experience while purchasing the B2B Database? Do share your opinions in the comments section below.

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